Annotated Bibliography on Mythology

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Hamilton, Edith. Mythology: Timeless tales of gods and heroes. Hachette UK, 2017.

This book by Edith Hamilton brings the modern to the reader to the ancient myths from the western culture of the Roman, Greek and Norse myths. She has succeeded in sharing the stories of the heroes and gods who inspired the human creativity from their inception to the present. In the book, Hamilton narrates the Greek gods of Olympus as well as the Valhalla Norse gods. She narrates the wandering of Odysseus and the drama in the Trojan war. Moreover, she narrates the tales of Jason, the mighty King Midas, Cupid and Psyche and the Golden Fleece.

Hamilton’s work helps the readers understand more myths from the western culture of the Greek, Romans and the Norse myth. Her work has been a reference to art, literature and cultural inquisitions, and has been used as a measure for all the other written works in mythology.

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Pal, Mr. Krishnendu. “THE CULTURE OF MYTHS IN SELECTED VILLAGES OF ARUNACHAL PRADESH: HISTORICAL IMPORTANCE.” Global Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies 5.5 (2016).

Through his written work, Mr. Krishnendu explains the principles of embracing the universal and omniscient Great Spirit which is related to the earth. The plot of the article explains the diverse creation narratives as well as the collective memories of the ancestors mainly in the traditional places of worship that involved tribal gatherings with rhythm, dance, trance, and songs. The literally work strives to make the reader understand the myth legends, monsters and the beliefs of the three varied and distinct cultures. The author focuses on keeping the reader entertained through the design and development of the mythological representations of the ancient people, monsters, location and other aspects.

The article is entertaining and brings the reader to the ancient times and culture of mythology. The author has succeeded in highlighting the historical importance of the culture of myths which is easy for the reader to understand. He uses examples from selected villages in Arunachal Pradesh to illustrate his examples, a reason that makes the article a complete and reliable source in the study of mythology.

Potter, Amanda. “Classical monsters in new Doctor Who fan fiction.” Transformative Works & Cultures 21 (2016).

Amanda features storylines and characters from the ancient Greek myth from a number of classic Doctors. The episodes are narrated through Greek myths which appear in season 5 and 6 featuring the Pandora’s box, a siren, and the Minotaur. The episodes cover mythical monster and artifacts from the perspective of the ancient Greek context as the mythical monsters are additions to the initial story ideas. The author compares the treatment of myths in Minotaur and the stories from the five narratives as fan fiction featured in his works. The narratives engage with the classical myths and the longest attraction of sirens that engages the various versions of the different versions of the myth of the sirens.

The article is entertaining and draws the reader to the contemporary world of the classic monsters from the perspective of the Greek myths. The author has succeeded in discussing the manner in which the characters in the mythical stories fit in the contemporary world and argues how myths fit in the primary aims of the writers. The author has mainly used the first person in narrating the story of the classic doctor, which makes the reader more engaged in the story.

Vidal, Teva. “Gods and Monsters: A Study of Norse Mythology.” (2015).

Vidal’s work draws the representations of the houses, which are the physical structures in Íslendingasögur and emphasizes on the material aspect during the Viking age and the medieval period. The Íslendingasögur is accrued to the ancient Iceland writings during the thirteenth century in the Viking age. The written work compares the archeology of the domestic intervals and depicts the house Íslendingasögur which matches the medieval housing models and the contemporary period of writing saga.

The author describes the acquitted buildings, which are frames in writings that make the explicit reference in the separation of the Viking age to the present time, hence illustrating a familiarity in the evolution of the housing culture. Myths are part of the ancient culture, including places and housing. The author refreshes the mind of the readers by describing the Íslendingasögur, which was the housing during the Viking age in the medieval period. The Norse myths were second to the Greek myths on the basis of their power and greatness and the stories giants stride in the Nordic space.

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Lemelson, Robert, and Annie Tucker. “Kites and Monsters: Continuity in Cultural Practices.” Afflictions. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 2017. 177-190.

The ethnographic film involves a Balinese boy who was diagnosed with the Tourette Syndrome and discovers the protective aspects of culture that interact with the development mental processes. Wayan Yoga at the age of six was energetic and loved to fly kites and was fascinated by the monsters of Balinese mythology. His many movements made his parents seek the diagnosis and treatment but the constant cultural context provided an opportunity for normalization that helped Wayan adjust to a productive Balinese adulthood.

Lemelson and Tucker make discussions which provide special circumstances and opportunities for the rising longitudinal filming with the child maturing to a Balinese adult. The narrative gives the reader an entertaining perspective of the cross-cultural study of mental illness for Wayan, who was obsessed with the monsters of Balinese mythology.

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