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My career goal

It is a dream of every student to get a well-paying job upon completing a college or a university. However, some students leave colleges without a clear career goal. This makes them lose track as they fall for anything they find on the way. Because of this, many do not realize their dream salary. This notwithstanding, a good student is one who knows and understands the subject he or she studies as it helps in defining and choosing a career. A career is not an activity that one coin within a day but requires a progressive input. As a business student, many careers exist that I can join and specialize ranging from marketing, human resource management, strategic management, finance among others. I chose to pursue a career as a Business Advisor. It entails advising start-ups organizations as well as emerging entrepreneurs on the best way to move their businesses forward (Graduate Prospects, 2017).

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Current position

I have been in college studying a business course, and it has enabled me to acquire knowledge, skills, and abilities to define my career as a business advisor. First, I have gained knowledge of business and management principles that involves strategic management and planning, resource allocation, leadership technique, coordination of people and resources among others.

Secondly, I have acquired different skills that act as a startup to my career journey. I believe the continuous acquisition of more skills will be essential in my career. Currently, I have skills in business acumen, working well under pressure and meeting strict deadlines, creativity to solve many challenges in business, organizational skills for collecting and disseminating information, verbal communication, and analytical skills among others. All these skills are acquired from one’s educational background in business from any learning institution (SHSU, 2017).

Lastly, I have acquired abilities to understand and interpret the requirement of clients, plan, implement and evaluate programs, establish goals and objectives, train others, manage a budget and work within a constraint, solve a variety of problems and to process information logically. I believe I am headed in the right with the acquisition of all these.

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KSA for career goal

The job market has become competitive of late, and graduates or those who are seeking job opportunities must acquaint themselves with the latest information regarding their areas of specialization. Similarly, job seekers must have the knowledge, skills, and abilities that make them perform and meet the expectations of their employers. In my case as a Business Advisor, I have to be an utterly round advisor because I anticipate meeting different clients with various challenges regarding their business. Thus, my advice must satisfy them and make them better people than they approached me.

Besides the knowledge mentioned above, skills and abilities that I have acquired, I need to have the experience to enable me to work well. The use of case studies is important to business advisors. However, I may not use a case because I lack experience. Secondly, continuous professional development is a requirement for business advisors and must adhere to the principle (Graduate Prospects, 2017). The work keeps on changing and the business environment we anticipate to work in is dynamics. Thus, acquiring new knowledge and updating the existing ones is fundamental to my career. Thus, I need to broaden my knowledge to include what is apparently known to me.


KSA Gaps

Although I have acquired knowledge, skills and abilities that can make me a junior Business Advisor, I still need to learn more to launch my career. First, I still need more knowledge than what I acquired concerning finance and accounting. I still have some knowledge gaps in financial matters, and I feel it is important to learn more and get the knowledge for future endeavors. Preparing some financial records and data is my big challenge, and I need assistance on it to be equipped better.

Communication skills involving talking to a large audience are not in me. I am unable to speak to the large audience, and it disadvantages me. It means that I cannot train large audience who may require my services. It disadvantages me because I do not fit that bill and clients may not be attracted to my services.

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I cannot maintain an effective interpersonal relationship. By my personality, I tend to be self-preserved, and I like being myself. I must fill this gap because my work will entail interacting with people and getting their insights. Excellent ability to interact with people and create a positive self-image is necessary for me as I look forward to the career.

Action plan

My action plan will be based on the three gaps that currently exist namely acquisition of financial and accounting knowledge, improving the interpersonal relationship and lastly, enhancing communication skills.

I have a weakness in accounting and financial knowledge. Therefore, I want to enroll in a class to acquire knowledge that relates to financial and data computation. Similarly, it is key to preparing me to use computer-based application that relates to accounting and finance.

Second action plan entails improving my inter-personal relationship. I acknowledge that working with people is essential to making strides. Therefore, I have to upgrade my relationships with people.

Thirdly, I want to develop excellent communication skills to the wider audience. I want to practice talking to large groups of people. I believe I can do this by practicing to speak in large groups of people such as in public gatherings or elsewhere.

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