Case Article: Phoenix Adopts Green Building Code, Promotes Sustainability

Subject: 🌷 Environment
Type: Critical Analysis Essay
Pages: 1
Word count: 316
Topics: ♻️ Recycling, Engineering
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Roulo (2011) writers an article informing the public about the new established and adopted laws regarding green buildings in Phoenix. The article is a secondary article that is informative and relates to the current occurrences. The article is a newspaper article that seeks to answer the question on the strides that Phoenix has made towards ensuring that it embraces the use of green technology. The author uses secondary research criteria in which the information relayed in the article are found from available sources. As such, the evidence consisted of already analyzed materials from concluded studies. The author concludes that the use of green buildings and the technology related to it has improved sustainability. On the same note, the author points out that the adoption of the green building code will go a long way in achieving technological sustainability.

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The author begins by stating the importance of green buildings and their role in achieving sustainability. The author thus ensures that the audience is captivated by the fact that the article will be informative. In fact, by the end of the article, the author can achieve the main objective of the article which is to inform the general public about the steps that Phoenix has taken towards the achievement of sustainability via the use of green building technology. The author also informs the audience of the implications of green technology in Phoenix and how vital the adoption of the green building code is towards the achievement of sustainability.

The work of Roulo (2011) is related to another work by Harris (2011) who has the view that the best aspects of the use of green technology are the fact that it leads to sustainability and perfection. In fact, Harris (2011) argues out that the best way to achieve performance and sustainability in technology is by the use of green technology.

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  1. Harris, A. (2011). Sorting Out Green, Sustainability, and High Performance. Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News, 242(9), 14-15.
  2. Roulo, C. (2011). Phoenix Adopts a Green Building Code, Promotes Sustainability. Contractor,  58(7), 1
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