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Advance audience: Agricultural Consulting Company

The first audience analysis in on a consulting company that primarily focuses on the agricultural sector. As a team member in the consulting group of the firm, the primary roles were researching and writing reports regarding agricultural incubators through leadership and collaboration with other members of the team. Each member of the firm had his own roles and duties. At all levels however, achieving sustainability was the guiding factor and the key component of the duties and the functions of the staff members. The organization comprises of the manager, followed by the teams, which are led by another manager, and the team members. The team members within the firm should report to the team managers who report to the general manager.

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As a company within the  agricultural sector the primary role of the firm is consulting to achieve sustainability which revolves around the use of techniques in the production of food that protect the human communities, public health, animal welfare and most of all the environment. 

Extended definition: Sustainability in the Agricultural sector

Sustainability is an important element within the agricultural sector. Defined sustainability within the agricultural sector is use of practices that enable the ecological system remain productive and indefinitely. This revolves around the production of food and animal products through the use of techniques that do not compromise the ability of the future generations to do the same (Pretty , 2008). 

Over the years, sustainable agriculture has evolved from three primary perspectives that include a concept of stewardship, a system of achieving food reliance, and a vehicle for sustaining communities. Sustainable agriculture can be traced back in the 1900s, an era marked by agricultural methods that still sustained the aesthetic values of the environment. Even with some traditional methods that focused on sustainability within the agricultural sector, the term and the involved concepts became popular in the 1980s. Today the agricultural planning is also associated with urban planning where individuals use available space within cities for food production (Pretty , 2008)

(Pretty , 2008)Technology has been at the center of achieving sustainability within the agricultural sector. Today different policies, research and development, training and education play a crucial role in the technological choices. An example of these technologies may include, the ARCGIS used for mapping the land, and even use of alternative power such as solar energy to power agricultural machines. Each of the new, technologies have positive impacts on the environment. For example for the GIS mapping technology, it is able to identify specific areas of the land based on their fertility levels.

Audience analysis: Fund Management Company

The company for this audience analysis is a fund management company based in china. The management of funds is also key in achieving sustainability. As an intern in the company within the trading department, the primary duty was to conduct daily trading transactions and filling of reports. This duties and the success of these duties are based from the orders from the manager and the effective collaboration with the other employees within the organization. The hierarchy of the organization comprises of the organization manager the team organization leaders and the employees. Success within the organization is also depends on collaboration between each of the employees

Extended Definition: Sustainability in Fund Management Companies

The financial industry through its many services such as trading, investments, and lending has a major leveraging effect on ensuring there exists a transparent and responsible management of finances and practices. Financial actors and companies in this respect have a major responsibility towards the society, which mostly revolve achieving sustainability (Jones, Hillier, & Comfort, 2017). This role should be considered as one of the most important form of albeit in the stringent reinforcement of regulatory environment. Sustainability within this sector revolves around the alignment of the activities to ensure that they use the available resources and balance the economy in such a way that it does not affect the future generations. 

Over the years, trends in sustainability have greatly impacted on the financial service industry. These trends include the fact that sustainability has become a major concern for regulators, traders, and even financial markets. Other impacts on the industry include the financial crisis which impact on the whole concept of sustainability. Even with these however, many policies focus on shaping the global economy to ensure there exists sustainable development

There exist major differences between the Chinese and the United States financial service industry. A major developmental difference revolves around the ideologies and the economic models, which in China are based on a socialist economy while in the United States it is not. In terms of technological advancements, the differences revolve around the bank and currency in the two countries. For example, in the United States, there has been a rise in use of cryptocurrency, which differs, from China. Awareness in the financial service industry in the United States is more higher than in China. In the United States, individuals are more aware of the financial markets, for example those of trading than in china (Jones, Hillier, & Comfort, 2017).

Audience analysis: Real Estate Management Company

The third audience analysis is on a real estate management company. Sustainability is also a key element in the success of real estate management. As a manager, the duties included cooperation with other departments and leading the duties of management within the company. The company comprised of one manager, the receptionists, and other employees working in real estate sector. Real estate impacts on many sectors of the economy such as the financial sector and the environment. Real estate even with its benefits called for sustainability, an element that has over the years also impacted on the real estate sector itself.

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Extended definition: Sustainability in Real Estate Management Company

Sustainability is not a new phenomenon within the real estate sector. Over the years, there has been significant changes in commercial real estate markets across the world all aimed at ensuring sustainability in real estate and its involved portfolios. Sustainability within the real estate sector calls for the utilization of the available resources such as finances and land with consideration to the future generation. Today the world calls for a sustainable build environment with the aim of reducing the impacts of human beings on the existing resources and climate change. Sustainability within the real estate sector comprises of aspects of built environment that are concentrated on environmental and financial footprints of the building and the environment (Warren-Myers, 2012). An example of sustainability within the sector is the construction of environmental friendly buildings

Sustainability of the real estate sector began with the call for sustainable development in all sectors. After the 1972 United Nations convention for environmental conservation, sustainability was integrated in all the sectors of the economy. Each sector was supposed to consider the environment and climate change in its activities. With this as the base, sustainability moved to other sectors such as the financial sector of the economy (Warren-Myers, 2012)

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