Licensing for mechanical engineer

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In a bid to pursue my university education, I have chosen mechanical engineering as my university major. I have always had passion for mechanical engineering since I was a kid. I used to play around with bulbs, batteries, and machines when kids my age played with dolls and toys. I thank my father very much since he dedicated much of his time in trying to help me make those machines. The fact that I have had a passion for math and physics liked creating new machines and being a technical person made me choose mechanical engineering as a course of choice. As a national of the G.C.C, the maximum career achievement in the field of mechanical engineering is a master’s degree. This paper analyzes the different licenses required in this field, their benefits and process of obtaining them.

Mechanical engineering as a subject mainly deals with the design and manufacture of machinery and parts. The main work of a mechanical engineer is to ensure that he or she takes up an idea and converts it into a product fit for the market (Hones, 2017). The primary board associated with licensing of engineers in the UAE is the Society of engineers-UAE (Society of Engineers – UAE, 2017). Its primary work is to ensure that it meets the growing demand for the accreditation and professional expertise of all engineers in this region. For one to qualify as a mechanical engineer in the G.C.C, he or she must be a United Arab Emirates national and a holder of a bachelor’s degree. The degree must be from a recognized university. Additionally, a work experience of at least three years and be registered as a member of the United Arab Emirates Engineers Association (Engineering License in Dubai | Architectural Practice Dubai | GCC Solutions, 2017).

In conclusion, the field of mechanical engineering calls for hard work, which I am willing to put up with. I believe that I will achieve a mechanical engineer title since it will be beneficial to me in the following ways. It will increase my professional and technical value. Additionally, I will stand to reap benefits such as substantive salaries, medical allowances and insurance and top of that huge retirement benefits (Locsin, 2017).

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