Digital Media Analysis: ASOS Website

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The business world has gravely changed in the recent past, making it quite hard for one to sustainably keep abreast with many things trending today but are dead the next day. The world is changing very fast and for any person to remain viable in towards the market they must be able of adapt and evolve with change (Thomas, et al., 2018, p. 53). The Internet has considerably spurred the ability to find and even procure goods and services in a single click; nevertheless, the traditional media is equally still invaluable and integral part of business more so marketing and advertisement permitting people to access what information they want and when they want it.  Most companies have integrated the traditional media and the new media to remain viable and reach a large market. The traditional or old media that constitute of newspaper, television, magazine, radio and other printed advertisements while the new media denotes the reliance on internet-based platforms for marketing such as websites, online streaming,  and social media. According to Jenkins (2007), a convergence that is an efficient integrated flow of content across various media platforms through the cooperation of different media industries and ever-changing customer behavior is paramount for running a sustainable business today. Therefore, this paper seeks to assess the integration of old and new media of ASOS, an American fashion company by evaluating its website

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ASOS is a worldwide fashion destination offering an extensive variety of fashion-related products and content as well as selling cutting edge fashion through its website, (ASOS, 2018). On its website, the business notes that its website is a hub of intriguing and thriving fashion community selling more than 80,000 own brand and branded products through web and mobile experiences nearly in all countries worldwide (ASOS, 2018). The founders of ASOS envisioned for an online platform where people were able to find, window-shop, and purchase clothes and accessories having seen celebrities and other famous people wearing. ASOS is thus abbreviation of AsSeenOnScreen in the integration of what fashion the target audience had seen not only screen but as well as on printed media such in the general news and fashion columns of newspapers and magazines and being able to find the clothes and accessories online in a moment of a click.

Integration of Old and New Media

Lanzara (2010) points out that whenever new technologies are developed, it requires entrepreneurs and practitioners in the market to align and equally adopt the new medium in their practices. It is posited that the mediation of the different technologies is an incredible way of understanding and experiencing reality. Remediation inferring to repurposing or transformative use of media is an inevitable way for a business to align with both the old and new advancements in the market (Bolter & Grusin, 2000). Bolter and Grusin argue that through remediation it was possible for entrepreneurs to make sense of the contradiction between different mediation logic. Twentieth-century commenced with an appreciated of remediation with the integration of the rapidly growing digital media with traditional media.

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Acknowledging this, ASOS having been founded at the onset on the remediation it did not only depend on the online platform to advertise itself, but it is noted to have advertised itself on the UK commercial radio on the Pepsi Chart Show in 2002. It was after the acceptance of ASOS from AsSeenOnScreen that ASOS intensified its website activities in 2003 by moving the “shop front” of its online retail business by branding it ASOS on the website. In August 2003, ASOS further revolutionized its online business names to AsSeenOnScreen Holdings PLC ( and AsSeenOnScreen Limited ( ASOS managed to converge and remediate traditional and new media enabling it so swiftly launch and expand its envisioned online platform.

Bolter and Grusin (2000) gave an example of the hyper-mediation of the CNN website where graphics, video and texts contents were arranged in multiple windows linking them with hyperlinks. In doing so, it was easy for a viewer to navigate through different planes and access different content in graphics, video, and text on the site. Traditionally, the elements of video, graphics, and text were either found independently or integrated, but one would not surf through as seen with digital media. This is referred to Prior & Hengsts (2010) as semiotic remediation in that it integrates different notions into a single multilayered system. Bolter & Grusin (2000) recorded that in painting, semiotic made the viewer understand the process of creating the products instead of just the product.

Lanzara (2010) alludes that media significantly shapes the thoughts and practices of the viewer hence to meet the principles of semiotic remediation, ASOS    designed its website in a manner that allows ambient interaction of text, video, images, and graphics linked together to other social media platforms. ASOS PLC and Limited sites have hyperlinks to media and gallery containing pictures of trending fashions of both men and women and fashion books updated as often as possible. For instance, at, ASOS is developing a Fashion GPS gallery hyperlink where a shopper can click to be linked on a page containing its books and other images. The site has interlinked video and texts that shopper or visitor can view and read about the company. ASOS’ Twitter handle has 1.6 million followers while Instagram has 20.1 million flowers (ASOS, 2018). All integrated with semiotic features and linked to the website allowing a shopper to view and purchase the clothes and accessories that impress them as well as exclave platform for the investor as well as corporate responsibility.

Convergence of ASOS Website content and Technologies

The ASOS plc and ltd. Websites are owned and operated by the ASOS Holding Group whose headquarters are based in London UK. Besides the ASOS marketplace sites, the Group also runs ASOS mobile applications available on both the App Store and Google PlayStore allowing both the shoppers with mobile phones powered by Android or iOS to use the app. The content similar to that on the websites and the ASOS social media sites, which encompass ASOS Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube, Tumblr, Menswear Instagram, Menswear Twitter, and Marketplace Instagram, are all controlled by the Group had deployed personnel to oversee the content on the site and interact with the target audience. For instance, on Twitter, @KateSnooks as an ASOS influencer on behalf of ASOS thanked and appreciated @Schnitzel1234 and @igaberry1 for loving their products showed below. @ASOS shared photos, videos, and graphics alongside other textual content on its Twitter site and interacted with the customers responding to their inquiries and concerns. The Customer base of ASOS is primary women and men having more than 80,000 brands of clothes and accessories for men and women.

Ingram (2018) notes that technology has leveraged online clothing stores helping them reduce operational costs, facilitate the shopping expenses and increased store security. For efficient operations and running of a website such as Ingram (2018) indicated that the site requires security technology to protect it from cybercrimes, malware attacks and abhor intruders; inventory management technology to take account of the products and accessories; communication technology which covers elements such as social media sites, mobiles apps, and hosting of the website; payment technology to facilitate online payment; shipping systems to oversee delivery of the products and accessories; and promotion systems to able linking of the online platforms. These technologies are vital to enhancing the success of ASOS business.

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Integration of the old and new media is vital to the success of many business today; most businesses thrive based on the ability to converge and remediate multiple media. Most of the online shopping sites depend on both the traditional media such as radio, newspapers, magazines, and television to spur and supplement its advertisement. Online platforms are only an alternative to the old media platforms hence people use both in their day-to-day activities; thus, by tapping into the potentialities of both the traditional and new media, the online business is leverage and elevated.

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