Elon Musk`s Leadership Style

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Elon Musk is one of the planet’s most renowned business strategists and a leader in innovation over the past three decades. Musk’s most notable accomplishments stem from his investments in technically and financially viable ventures despite overwhelming obstacles (Shaw, 2020). He has essentially etched his name on every firm he has been a part of, and he has largely been a big success. Most significantly, Musk has always been fascinated with bold business concepts that are difficult but also extremely lucrative. Over the years, Musk has learned that coming up with the right question is the key to unlocking various dimensions of success within the private and public business domains. Arguably, Musk is a transformational leader inspired by his unconventional upbringing and personal motivation to inspire positive change within his spheres of influence.

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Background and Leadership Style

According to Abatecola and Cristofaro (2019), in the modern workplace typified by uncertainties and change, there are growing concerns about how leaders can gain success despite the complex choices and concessions they are forced to make. No one knows the ramifications of such decisions than Elon Musk, whose choices have worked towards enabling him and his projects to influence humanity. While his business career is only likely to move upward, his often-overlooked leadership skills will be equally important in his future success. In particular, he has won praise worldwide because of his audacity, boldness, foresight, and fantastic leadership skills.

Elon Musk’s leadership qualities can be traced back to his upbringing in a fragmented family. Following his parent’s divorce, he had to stay with his father for several years in South Africa. As a result, he was compelled to adapt to the fast-changing community, school, and family demands, which made him comfortable in tense business situations. Over the years, he developed into a visionary person with exceptional resolve, courage, and coping ability, traits that allowed him to transform into a skilled leader. In his various roles, Musk was guided by the belief that conviction, proficiency, motivation, and a sense of direction are the key to individual success. According to Lang et al. (2018), Musk exemplifies the characteristics of transformational leaders, identifying potential and working to develop it. In particular, Musk regularly engages his followers and inspires them to go past their duties. For example, in 2014, he mentioned that Tesla Motors would make some of its intellectual property open-source to enable other automakers to learn about his electric car revolution to drive the industry forward.

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Additionally, his leadership efficiency stems from his dedication to his goals, which motivates others. Given his past accomplishments and popularity in the businesses he is interested in, he is also a highly regarded figure who inspires those he works with. Notably, he makes considerable investments in the corporations he manages, and far from being a wealthy venture capitalist, he takes a hands-on approach to run his businesses. As such, his colleagues and employees do not view him as just another billionaire but rather as someone knowledgeable and passionate about everything he touches (Vance, 2015). Besides, instead of being profit-motivated, Musk embraces a goal because he feels it will result in success. By doing this, Musk ensures his staff concentrate on the main goals rather than the financial benefits of their work.

Leadership Theory

The transformation theory of leadership clearly captures Musk’s own. Musk shows his desire for success in his executive roles by taking informed risks, which most people often avoid. He trusts his instincts and always listens to his assistants’ counsel before settling on a decision he believes will have the best outcome (Lord et al., 2017). Thanks to his audacious adoption of technology advancements for the future, Musk, a transformational leader, is also considered the most inventive and impactful person of the contemporary era. Additionally, he is known for being the most outspoken supporter of the use of sustainable energy and for introducing the idea to the auto sector. The move, evidenced by Tesla Motors that led to the debut of electric vehicles, serves as an example of the trend (Nawaz & Khan, 2016)). Many people credit his transformative leadership approach with these successes.


Elon Musk is a revolutionary and inspiring figure who thrives in extremely ambiguous situations with scant precedents. His leadership prowess is attributable to his foresight, dedication, hard work, and endless optimism. These traits have been critical in his growth as a global icon, with influence traversing different fields and industries. Other than founding some of the world’s most exciting firms, Musk is the epitome of a successful and effective leader. What is more, Musk is one of the unique transformational leaders driving progress in several domains, and his leadership and impact extend past the automotive and energy industries. He also has a strong sense of direction and a flexible leadership style and is highly ambitious. Constructive verbal interactions motivate his perseverance and brilliance in the workplace, and principles have given him the ability to put together Tesla, one of the most radical businesses that the world has ever known. He agrees that communication is crucial for every company and is the main factor in ultimate prosperity.

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