Against Same-Sex Marriage

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Did you know that the world’s first legal marriage happened on April 1, 2001, in the Netherlands, where four couples comprised one female and three males? On June 26, 2015, the US Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriages in all states under the US constitution. Before the court ruling, gay marriage was authorized in 37 states, and the remaining 13 had banned it. The legalization highlighted the changes in public opinion over the years, from a 27% approval in 1996 to 71% in 2022 (Lee & Lin, 2022). Most people support gay marriage since they believe banning it promotes marriage inequality, which is discriminatory and unconstitutional. Such arguments seem satisfactory, but I believe same-sex marriages should be banned since they go against our religious, traditional, and social backgrounds.

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Religious Beliefs

Religion has been the leading opposer of same-sex marriages, but in the past decades, some churches have been significant supporters of same-sex marriages. However, the practice contradicts Bible teachings and multiple religious groups’ beliefs, traditions, and sacred beliefs. For example, the Bible in Leviticus 18:22 states, “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is an abomination.” It is a direct quote that teaches against homosexuality, thus condemning same-sex marriages. The main Christian churches, such as The Catholic Church, American Baptist Churches, and the United Methodist Church, oppose the practice claiming that it threatens the future of humanity (Gunther, 2019). The main lesson in Christianity is that marriage was created and ordained by God with a specific purpose involving a man and a woman that we cannot erase from the human spirit.

Islamic teachings also condemn homosexuality with quotes such as “When a man mounts another man, the throne of God shakes.” Such scriptures support and show the essence of banning gay marriages. Religion also terms gay relationships are immoral and unnatural. Individuals identifying with the LGBTQI intuitively know they are doing immoral and self-destructive acts but still crave the affirmation (Richardson-Self, 2018). Religion asserts that gay marriages are not similar to God’s original design for marriage and family since they contradict the natural moral law. Marriage is holy, and engaging in unnatural relationships cannot justify or affirm its holy nature.

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Traditional and Cultural Beliefs

Traditionally, marriage has always been regarded as the unification between a man and a woman. In the long past, humanity has instituted and comprehended marriage as a whole body and spiritual union of a woman and a man (Diez & Dion, 2018). The belief makes it challenging to comprehend gay marriage since it does not have a definite origin and cannot be justified by our traditions passed from one generation to another. However, the definition is widely shared worldwide and espoused by all governments and key religions. Therefore, gay relationships cannot be instituted as marriages, which explains why they are regarded as civil unions (Djupe & Neiheisel, 2022). However, civil unions receive similar rights and privileges as marriages, making them seem equivalent, but it is wrong. Therefore, it is important to respect the traditional beliefs that marriage has a spiritual foundation and ban gay marriages.

The traditional and social purpose of marriage is procreation. Based on this assertion, gay couples should not be married since they cannot reproduce together. Allowing same-sex marriage eliminates the purpose of reproduction and child-rearing and replaces it with adult gratification, thus going against the laws of nature and society (Richardson-Self, 2018). Children are the sole reason that sexual relations are essential to society and are a crucial basis for the legal institution of marriage (Gunther, 2019). Pro-gay supporters argue that some heterosexual marriages cannot procreate or do not want to. Still, there is potential to reproduce, and medical advancements can help with that, and even those who do not want children are biologically capable compared to gay couples.

Society has always maintained the norm of heterosexual culture, but gay marriages are accelerating the assimilation of LGBTQI members into the mainstream culture. The LGBTQI community has developed its unique and vibrant culture that reduces the differences in experiences and opportunities between heterosexual and gay people (Djupe & Neiheisel, 2022). It will incorporate the gay community into the mainstream culture, which would adversely change the social norms (Lee & Lin, 2022). Therefore, gay marriages should be banned to prevent normalizing gay culture, especially for future generations. Each argument provides substantial evidence that same-sex marriages should be prohibited to preserve our traditions and religious and social beliefs.


The percentage of Americans supporting same-sex marriage is gradually increasing and becoming a worrying trend. More and more people are coming out as members of the LGBTQI community and seeking gay marriages despite the contradiction they provide to our traditional, social, and religious beliefs. The beliefs state that marriage is an institution between a man and a woman which should serve the purpose of procreation. It also asserts that a heterosexual relationship is natural, has existed for several years, and has been ordained by several religious groups and governments. Gay marriages are unnatural and contradict all our beliefs since they focus on the selfish need for adult gratification rather than procreation and child-rearing.

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