How does the digestive system work? 

Subject: ⚗️ Science
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In this paper, we will be given particularly interesting information about the digestive system of human body. The aim of this paper is to provide how the digestive system of the human works. 

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The digestive system is the group of organs which work together in order to convert the food into basic nutrients as well as energy to satisfy the basic requirements. The digestion of the taken food occurs through passing it into a gastrointestinal tract GI. To complete the digestion of food, several other necessary organs involve in this food digestion process but the food never passes through these organs. There is a series of functions which take place while digesting the food, making them the essential part of the body. These digestion functions include as ingestion, digestion, mixing and movement, secretion, absorption, and excretion. 

The digestive system performs the function of digestion and absorption. Digestion involves the breaking of food into small pieces, while absorption is to make the digestive food as part of human body. Nutrients produced from food digestion are used by the human body for purposes of energy, growth, repairing of cells for human survival (WebMD 2018). 

The concerned object in this paper is the digestive system. The human digestive system is about 30 feet long tube. But, it does not look like the tube, it is folded and curled. The human digestive system is opened on both sides. Stomach the main organ of human body looks like the connected set of tubes and a bag of leather in shape. The parts of the digestive system are connected together and form a tube known as alimentary canal, which extends from the back of the throat and goes down to the end of the large intestine. Other helping organs in the digestion of food are pancreas, liver, and kidney (Burstein 2009). 

The digestion process starts in the mouth of the human. Before taking the first bite of food, saliva secretes according to smell and taste of food. Bites of food mix with the secreted saliva and absorption start here. Afterward, the food passes through the pharynx and goes to the esophagus. The esophagus is the muscular tube and pushes the food down to the stomach. In the next, food in the muscular walls of the stomach is further digested after enzymes and acids are mixed within it. Due to strong muscular walls of the stomach which turn the food into paste or liquid. Food leaves the stomach after absorption and enters into the small intestine, bile from the liver, and enzymes from the pancreas are also involved into breaking down the food. In the end of working of the digestive system, remaining waste passes out of the large intestine through the rectum. 

Working of a human digestive system

Although, a large number of literary sources have been focused on the topic of the digestive system. Many of them provide technical terms related to digestive system, which are only understandable by the graduated in the science subjects. To understand these terms is difficult for a new reader who has limited knowledge about human body organs and their working. Therefore, I have used the simple English words and terms, so layman or beginner of the science subject should know the pros and cons of the human digestive system.


In this paper, we focused on the human digestive system with its functions. It has been also found that human digestive system is 30 feet long but it looks folded and curled in the shape. Various steps and organs involved in the food digestion have been given in this paper. 

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