George Washington Leadership

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In the course of military events, people are in great need of a decent leader. A prominent case in point was the Battle of Valley Forge in the 18th century. This division of the Continental Army was headed by George Washington throughout the American War of Independence. The condition of the soldiers was complicated, and the military battles continued for a long time. People were exhausted and discouraged, which decreased their willingness to keep fighting and give their maximum physical and psychological effort. The conventional ways of maintaining morale were not sufficient. They required a genuine high-quality leader to inspire them to rethink their perceptions of the situation and put their faith in themselves. George Washington appeared to be such a person and managed to properly govern the army’s actions.

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Critical situation at the frontline

From one perspective, at the time, the combatants felt the outcome was near. They intended to quickly crush the British troops and ultimately win. From another perspective, these events occurred practically in the middle of the war, about three years after it began. Moreover, the time was winter, so the soldiers were freezing and there was a shortage of food. Therefore, they had to expend all their efforts not on actively fighting the enemy, but on supporting their own forces.

The military was confronted with a number of problems that led to disengagement. For instance, there was a lack of provisions and water. The number of people in the winter camp was sufficiently high, so it was challenging to supply each of them for a long time. One more difficulty was the absence of clothes: the armed forces were not prepared for low temperatures, and there was no possibility to receive external assistance. People had to come up with various ways to stay warm so as not to freeze to death. Evidently, these circumstances were essential for the morale of the soldiers, who were struggling to survive.

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George Washington’s brilliant solution

In these circumstances, the soldiers were fortunate to be under the command of George Washington. He made one of the most effective strategic choices by welcoming a Prussian officer to the military camp. The goal of the request was to revive the morale of the soldiers. This solution proved to be highly beneficial, as the new individual could in any event help to improve the atmosphere and redirect the soldiers’ concentration. They started to contemplate their challenges and objectives, as well as what this officer would contribute to their typical experiences. Moreover, an outsider gains the required skills and attributes that American soldiers were not aware of. As follows, he had the ability to considerably affect the soldiers and bring them to a more relaxed and assured state of mind. Certainly, finding the right expert in those circumstances was not an easy mission. However, according to the outcome, Washington was successful in engaging the necessary person to assist its army.

The most crucial measure undertaken by the Prussian officer was to instruct soldiers in drill. This demands a lot of focus and personal improvement. Therefore, the soldiers could take their minds off troubles and focus on developing themselves. Furthermore, drill training involves a high degree of physical touch and interpersonal communication. Soldiers had the opportunity to become familiar with each other and work on things as a team. In this way, the Prussian officer was in a position to regain the soldiers’ trust in their abilities and preparedness for continuing the fight. They improved their comprehension of each other, turning into a more well-coordinated mechanism.

Drill training does not become irrelevant with the passage of time and is still practiced in the 21st century. To this day, it is a great way to develop a close-knit and ambitious military collective. It encourages people to practice their actions, improve their precision and discipline. This is essential for any kind of warfare, so it is equally applicable to the contemporary military. In addition, by performing drill exercises, soldiers are taught to better recognize and respond to the leader. In this way, they turn into one coherent system that is easy to manage and guide in the precise direction. This contributes to a more efficient and well-performing army prepared to defend the state.


Every team requires a productive and wise leader. This person should promote the advancement of employees and do their best to make sure they remain focused and prepared for action. George Washington is one of the greatest historical figures of such a leader. He could respond at the right time to rebuild the morale of his soldiers to bring about victory. Bringing in external experts to teach the soldiers demonstrated that he expected only the best and demanded that they be properly prepared. This leadership is what is necessary for any team to perform at its best. This is absolutely crucial for the military, as their concerted efforts are of vital importance to the nation. Thus, this historical background can be beneficial for the growth and sustainability of the contemporary army.

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