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The paper is discussing why I should be among those who should be awarded John A.Yannacone Scholarship. I have considered my academic qualifications, and I have highlighted that I have managed to acquire the minimum qualifications which are set by the organizers of the scholarships. My financial status has also been discussed, and it has shown that I don’t have the capability to sponsor myself. I have explained that the government has managed to pay for my current tuition fee as I’m catering for the food and accommodation. My character has also been discussed and I have showcased how my personality will help me to reach and realize the goals of founders and organizers of the scholarship of the program. Being hardworking, honest and a diligent student will make me concentrate and reap the best from the abroad scholarship which would help me in serving patients more efficiently and also give me a hand to contribute and gathering of knowledge during research work.

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Body of the Research Paper

Since I started school there has been a great urge that I will manage to acquire my master’s degree from abroad. I have been working hard so that I will manage to reach the minimum requirements which are always set by the John A.Yannacone Scholarship organizers Caldwell, 2015). The scholarship will make possible for me to meet by life goal of being the dentists and helping people from my home country with the issues related to the teeth. It will also help me in making a trip abroad which has been my dream since I was young. Currently, am pursuing a degree in medicine in the University of Saint Joseph and when am granted the position in the scholarship program I will manage to further my education to master’s degree in a dentist. Am concerned with John A.Yannacone Scholarship program since I believe it will avail me the opportunity which will help archive the goals I hold for myself.

Throughout my high school, I have maintained high grades. During the university life I have been an active member of the medicines organizations, and in our organization, we have managed to help mentor students to be strong and concentrate on studies. My role in the have crafted me to be a focused student, and at this time I confirm that I will complete my studies when an offered the opportunity.  During my university life I have been actively involved in the research departments, and together with fellow lecturers and also students, we have managed to make substantial development on the available knowledge. When am offered this opportunity I believe that I will be able to gain more skills and knowledge which will help me in working and solving some of the current issues which are affecting our country and more in the dentist region. Hence if am offered this chance I will be able to learn and gain the required knowledge in my home country and also work to add the available knowledge in my field (Dernbach & Sonnenberg 2015).

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From all of the above academic and career success, it is evident that am qualified when compared with the set requirements of John A.Yannacone Scholarship program (Gelber, 2014). In addition to the academic and career success, I also have a financial problem since am a child from a single parent and my mother could not afford to cater for my master’s education. As for my first-degree program, the government have been paying all my tuition and am catering for the upkeep which involves the accommodation and food. With this financial condition, I ask for the assistance of John A.Yannacone Scholarship program so that I can be able to gain my master’s degree from abroad as it was my dream.

My character will also help me in reaching the required goals as am a hardworking, honest and diligent person. I love working in areas where being challenged and this helps me to be resilient in all the problems which are facing me. My urge to find solutions will also make John A.Yannacone Scholarship program an important event since I will be able to gain knowledge which will be used to find solutions to problems which are rampant in the health industry (Rome, 2013). Hence once offered the opportunity it will help me get the very best from my unique and rare character.

Finally, I hope that my application will be considered as one of the best and I will be awarded the scholarship since I have managed to acquire the minimum required requirements and also I have explained my financial issues which would prevent me from sponsoring myself in the master’s degree.

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