Professional nursing

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Nursing in the U.S. is a professional calling that aims in fulfilling the ANA code of ethics so that the patient’s health may be achieved and to ensure that the nation has healthy citizens. Being a nurse, one has to be committed in her work, to practice dignity and to protect the patient’s life and health.The reason why I chose nursing is to achieve my career as a health practitioner but mainly to protect human lives and to promote safety and health in the nation. My aim is to try my best to free the humans from suffering caused by sickness. Sickness is inevitable therefore I have to join hands with my fellow nurses and the other health practitioners in the campaign against illness and health disorder.

The essence of nursing in the society and in the healthcare system is to practice the health ethics such as the ANA code of ethics, the NMC of 2015 and any other ethical codes that aim in improving the health condition of a patient (Fowler, 2008).

The historical factors influencing professional nursing practice are role played by the Nurse practitioners in the previous centuries such as in the 20th century where the nurses started combining the medical practices with some improved health care skills with the help of Information Technology (Duffield, 1996).The cultural factors influencing professional nursing practice ensure the patients receive quality and precedence health care because beside practicing the required health ethics a nurse is supposed to protect the right and freedom of a patient with dignity and respect.

Beliefs and Values

The patient needs to be treated with care, respect, dignity and determination so that their health condition may improve and they live a normal life without any implication and effect of diseases.The family of the patient need to enjoy and have a good moment where their member is recovering from a certain illness. It’s their privilege to have a nurse who is responsibly treating their member with dignity (Corley, 2015).

I believe in being responsible, in the healthcare facility I I’m supposed to ensure team work, cooperation and support during any situation so that the safety and the health of the patients is achieved.I should have a good health so that I can achieve my goals and requirement as a professional nurse in helping the sick patient in recovering from their illness and health disorder. I need to have good health and by this I’m supposed to avoid the causes of diseases such as stress and bad eating habits so that I can be a good example to my patients.

Vision for the Future

In two Years’ time I will have achieved the required education to make me a professional nurse practitioner in the nation and I will ensure I get an employment so that I exercise my acquired skill and knowledge in this health sector.In the next 5 years I want to have my own clinic so that I can employ other health practitioners and we aim toward having a nation where every citizen is healthy.In the next 10 years I want to have achieved my best in this healthcare sector, I will strive towards acquiring a PHD in the medical field and being the best nurse in the nation.


I’m determined, passionate and have a serving attitude which will give me an upper hand in this nursing career and these values will enable me to achieve my goals as the best nurse. I need to acquire more education so that I can help any patient in matters of treatment, surgery and in the sector of offering guidance on how to maintain good health since protection is the best cure.

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