The Importance of Grit to Students

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Grit has become the greatest determinant of success in the modern day. Many scholars have explored the importance of grit in promoting success in different sectors. Experts define grit as a combination of different attributes; namely, resilience, determination, passion, as well as the focus that motivates an individual to achieve specific goals despite the presence of obstacles. Notably, grit represents an individual’s determination to pursue long-term goals. Other scholars consider grit as self-perception in fidelity that contributes to the achievement of long-term goals. A person with grit is likely to remain resilient irrespective of the problems, challenges, and obstacles that may come in his way. However, some scholars believe that grit is not the only characteristic that leads to success.

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Many scholars have explored the defining characteristics of successful people. Their studies have demonstrated that intelligence and talent are not the only contributors to success. Many people who have registered success in different fields often highlight that performance is of critical importance in enhancing success. Children with talent require grit so that they can exhibit a higher level of effort and register a great mastery of the talent. Individuals with grit can nurture their talent by putting in an effort and registering desirable outcomes. Individuals who have excelled in different sectors have revealed that a person needs more than talent to succeed (Cosgrove et al., 2016). Grit brings in the concept of hard work that may lead to excellence. Unlike the perception of many people, individuals with grit recognize the need for hard work and practice before becoming successful. As a result, it is imperative to teach students the need for developing grit.

Students who exhibit high levels of grit are in a position to achieve positive outcomes and successfully meet their academic goals. There is evidence suggesting that individuals with grit have what it takes to demonstrate commitment and hard work as well as the resilience required in overcoming challenges. If students develop grit, they are less likely to give up on their goals. As a result, individuals who have developed grit keep fighting for what they want instead of accepting failure. The availability of frustrations does not discourage people with grit. Such people are well aware of the need for hard work and putting in a real effort with the core objective of achieving long-term goals (Duckworth, 2016). Many scholars advocate for the need for teachers to teach grit among students. Such students require the proper understanding that talent and high levels of intelligence do not contribute to success if the person does not work hard or remain committed. Such understanding will help students to develop various aspects of grit.

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On the other hand, some scholars believe that grit is not the only determinant of success. They argue that the significance of grit has been overrated. In their view, some students have outstanding talent and may not require extraordinary effort for them to excel. In some aspects of life, grit is critically important, but not the only factor that leads to success. Some critics argue that grit is not desirable for many people. It may be difficult for some individuals to develop the level of grit that contributes to success. There have been cases of hardworking people who are not successful. For this reason, critics of grit argue that it is important to represent the attribute realistically and help students recognize that grit does not resolve all the problems (Dahl, 2016). For grit to be effective, then the person must identify his or her talent and pursue it with great passion. Unfortunately, that perception is not the case with many students who face difficulties in identifying their career of choice. The grit scale denies students great opportunities in which they would have excelled. Evidently, it is imperative to give attention to the true significance of grit without overrating. Some individuals become overly ambitious and define it as grit. When that happens, it is impossible for the person to achieve success.


Evidently, grit represents an important attribute that differentiates successful people from the rest of the world. People with grit are in a better position to remain focused on their long-term goals without giving up. The lack of grit may motivate an individual to give up easily. Students who develop grit at a tender age are likely to register positive learning outcomes in the higher levels of their education. Having grit prepares an individual to handle setbacks without embracing failure. However, the characteristic of grit deserves equal attention to intelligence because both of these factors are significant contributors to success. It is irrational to overrate the importance of grit. The most important aspect is to appreciate the talent and efforts of students without victimizing the ones that are yet to develop grit.

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