Sentencing and Depravity Standard

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The people that perpetrate the crime from a far and use others to commit the actual crime should be held at the same standard as those that actually committed the crime. This is because they are the brains and even financiers of the crime even though they did not actually commit it and hence should be charged.

Crimes against women and children deserve more recognition than those against men. This is because these categories of people suffer crimes innocently that they know nothing off and which they are unable to defend themselves against. If their death is avenged more, then their innocent killings and deaths that are currently taking place will be ended.

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The other crime that needs an addition to the uniform crime reports is political murder. This is either single or multitude of murders that are fuelled by politics as a way to protest for the politician and his people. This is a common crime and especially in Africa after the elections when the ousted leader causes murders.

The most serious crime in society at the moment is war perpetrated by the desire to take over other lands and their minerals. This is the war that is currently taking place in most parts of the countries starting with Iraq and Afghanistan even in other parts of Africa. These are leading to death of innocent people in the process.

There is a difference in depravity between shooting a person and stabbing them or even beating them to death. In the last two types of killings, the death is a slow process and the life is depraved from the person much more slowly and painfully compared to shooting which is fast and death is takes place almost instantly (Barry, 2013).

I believe in punishments fitting the crimes that are committed. A person for example that commits murder and especially with intent to do so or which is premeditated should be subjected to the same amount of punishment death or similar life imprisonment. This is a way to avenge the crime that has been committed to the victim (Winters, Globokar & Roberson, 2014).

Crimes in the recent past have been involving and becoming much more technical in nature. The technicality is in the way people are being killed using sophisticated weapons, others are even killed from afar without any trace of who killed them being known. This depraves justice from being carried out as effectively as in the past.

Sentencing should not really be based on the relative depravity of their crime. This is because it is hard for the depravity of the crime to be actually measures and hence punishments will end up being based on estimates which is not really the same. It is better to be based on the crime committed instead (Barry, 2013).

Sentencing laws are very general and do not include specific types of crimes and especially those being committed in different ways now. This therefore leads to the problem in justice being attained effectively as the law lacks the specification (Winters, Globokar & Roberson, 2014). This is something that needs to be corrected in the law making process to allow for punishments to be effectively given.

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