Situation Analysis for PR Campaign plan

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Tung Dinh is recognized for his talent as a Martial Arts Instructor and also for the fact that he has advanced as far as attaining 5th Degree Black Belt. He has invested in Quest Fitness Center, Martial Arts America, and three-day care centers. Dinh has as well been involved with local school Character Counts Program among other community activities. He as well achieved Captain Rank after working with USA National Guard for 13 years. Tung Dinh is selected for this analysis partly because of his involvement with gym activities that has seen him perform thousands of sit-ups and within which he still desires to do more. The real reason for focusing on Dinh, however, is because he owns Quest Fitness Center at Murray KY42071, which is the organization selected for this situation analysis to determine gym problem or help. The sections on this analysis are organization mission and goals, target audience, the study of the internal environment, public perception and external environment. It also includes a SWOT analysis and concludes with a problem statement. 

Organization Mission and Goals

The information attained from Dinh’s Quest Fitness Center website shows that the organization’s mission is “To empower clients to obtain a positive outcome in their lives by helping them meet their needs and live healthily.” Dinh has established several goals to be met while operating Quest Fitness Center. Some of the objectives are for the company’s success while others are for clients’ satisfaction. The organization aims to provide customers with inner confidence that they lack before becoming members of the organization. The staff focuses on individual needs and helps them achieve individual targets.

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Dinh has a goal to create a good public relations boost which he has successfully achieved by giving free membership and branded gym products to models that in turn appear on billboards for the gym’s sake. The organization also wishes to serve all society members without discrimination. The clients include men and women with eating disorders, children with anorexia and teenage girls. It also aims to create a peaceful atmosphere in the gym for both clients and instructors.

Target Audience

Quest Fitness Center mostly targets teenage girls who have personal dissatisfaction regarding weight, looks and lack of confidence in life. The gym is, however, open to all members of the society. It cares for men and women with eating disorders as well as children with anorexia. Its location in Murray Town is for the purpose of attracting Murray University students and faculty. The quest for more clients encourages the organization to equip instructors with advanced skills that help receive customer satisfaction.

Analysis of Internal Environment

Staff while tackling a topic on Barriers to Fitness in 1998 discovered that gym clients are those that need a conducive exercising environment to be able to enjoy the services offered. Personnel at Quest Fitness Center perform their duties in a commendable manner. Clients are warmly welcomed and handled separately to ensure that different needs are met. The clients are at times taken through training sessions that comprise of small groups led by gym instructors. Unlike other gym settings, clients at Quest Fitness Center are not left to train by themselves. Clients are usually assisted and engaged in various blending styles that make them enjoy exercising. The instructors’ base comprises of personnel that is humble and works very hard to impact positive changes in the lives of clients. The exceptional nature of services earns the organization a competitive advantage placing it at the top of gym business.

The organization is led by Tung Dinh who is the president and owner of the facility. He makes all the decisions regarding sales, advertisement, workouts and experiments. Dinh is assisted by a team of personnel who have been trained as gym instructors. According to the 2017 directory by Chew, gym etiquette is supposed to be common sense. Chew also realizes that many tend to ignore rules and states that it would be easier if the gym rules are written and displayed. It is appropriate to return gym equipment in proper locations to avoid client inconveniences as well as accidents that may occur for example when one trips over barbells. Gym instructors are usually present to ensure proper behavior of clients preventing disruptions that may result from noise. Hygiene is as well emphasized for both instructors and clients. The gym environment should be kept clean, and individuals must observe personal hygiene.

Public Perception

The information posted on Quest Fitness Center 2017 Facebook page shows clients’ satisfaction with the services offered by the organization. Clients feel that the organization is very helpful especially in the provision of inner confidence in a way they never imagined before. Plumber in his work of 2003 stated that clients are attracted to the personal engagement that the gym organizations employ to satisfy their needs.

External Environment

The community at Murray KY 42071 has positive comments about Quest Fitness Center including its peaceful environment and friendly staff, which Rath terms as strengths finders in his book of 2007. This organization has no competition in this region as most of the clients rate it as the best gym ever. There is no available information about opponents of the organization.

A SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis is defined by Khera brothers as the process that provides information about an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats which can either be internal or external. The chart below provides information about Quest Fitness Center.

Table 1: A SWOT Analysis of Quest Fitness Center


Knowledgeable, humble, hardworking and friendly staff. Personnel at Quest Fitness Center are professionally trained and have real passion for assisting the community members and meeting their needs.  Professional background considerations are prioritized in the hiring process to ensure that the company reputation is not soiled. Instructors are those willing to do all it takes just to realize customer satisfaction.

 The organization possesses high quality fitness equipment which ensures that clients enjoy the finest of the exercise equipment. The equipment is advanced and is available in large numbers to ensure that many people are served at the same time.

Dinh has created Quest Fitness Center Facebook account and a web page to ensure online presence. Every member and potential members have the ability to shop, schedule and track fitness progress online. Scheduling is usually automated for quick and reliable communication between the organization and members.

Quest Fitness Center provides clients with family ambiance. The facility provides clients with a taste of family atmosphere. During the group training, members feel comfortable developing a desire to cheer fellow clients as they perform exercises that remind individuals of school sport days.

The organization has a vivid vision of market demands. Dinh applies his knowledge of gym operations to provide the latest equipment and skills to fill the gap that existed in the gym business. As a performer and expert of gym activities, Dinh knows the choice of the right exercises and exactly how to keep clients motivated. 

Weaknesses Even though Dinh has built a loyal following, the organization brand has not yet attained a household name. The organization is currently new in the region and one cannot be certain about its future success. Apart from the community residents the facility is only known to the facebook users who are either members or have been introduced to the organization by members. 

The organization is not gaining much profit at the moment because it is faced with a budget of $ 75, 000 which is needed to construct a better equipped day care as demanded by clients.

Some members feel that the organization fees are more expensive compared to traditional gyms. It is likely that customers with a strict budget may not be able to access the organization’s services. The organization’s membership fee is not as high as that charged by personal trainer but it is still high for individuals who have to squeeze extra coins out their usual budget.

Opportunities There is a growing population that is interested in group fitness. Study of the organizational operation in the last few years has realized that there is increasing number of community members who choose group workouts over individual gym visits.

The organization’s exercise programs are creating personal bonds leading to friendships that have developed into internet-based fitness community. This has turned into a viral marketing factor as members continuously share their enjoyment at the gym with different people per day.

It is evident that the organization is witnessing a growing market. This could be contributed by the fact that it is a relatively new brand in the gym market. Quest Fitness Center has built a foundation together with reputation within the crucial fitness community though a significant proportion of the target market is yet to be introduced to the organization’s services.

Away from its web page and the facebook page there still exists a range of internet possibilities. The company can establish an online store and create internet fitness community. 

Threats The declining nature of economy tends to rein client expenditure. Many people are observed to be more conservative in terms of expenditure. The budget is getting increasingly aligned towards basic needs so that there is not much left for payment of gym services.

It is anticipated that in the near future gyms and independent trainers will start to copycat Dinh’s training services. The organization however knows that its propriety of programs and the growing reputation will not allow copycats to grow beyond the inventors of such services.



Dinh needs to reach out to its target market with its gym services. The establishment of Quest Fitness Center at Murray Town is for the purpose of attracting Murray University students and faculty. This is where there are teenage girls and young adults who frequently develop discomfort about body weight, appearance and have the need to gain inner confidence. The organization should also encourage group workout because it is less time consuming to train several people together compared to training clients one by one. The friendship that is formed from group bonding is as well a marketing strategy. When such individuals meet and share the information about the gym services with friends and community members, the company benefits from the growing client base. 

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It also appears that the organization has not made maximum use of the internet to market and provided services. It needs to appear in more social media platforms which are many and Facebook alone is not enough. As the organization focuses on expanding their client base, it is important to remember that more facilities will need to be developed to accommodate more people. Internet marketing will also build a customer base in places away from the current location. Dinh needs to develop an improvement plan that will ensure the organization acquires more locations which should increase with the spread of information.

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