Social interaction at a bar

Subject: 💭 Psychology
Type: Analytical Essay
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Topics: Social Psychology, Communication, Socialization
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Most people unwind in bars and other public places that sell alcoholic drinks, especially after a long day of hard work. Although the primary reason for visiting such places is to relax and have a good time with friends, it is worth noting that other things take place in bars. The contemporary bars have a flurry of activities, particularly in the evenings and at night, owing to the huge number of people that frequent such joints. Nonetheless, a keen observation of the activities that take place in bars is astonishing. Various people have unique agenda for frequenting such places, some of which are commonplace while some are outrageous, just to say the least. This paper describes the social interactions and communication patterns in bars as public places, giving a critical analysis of the implication of such social patterns to the people involved and the society as a whole.

The bar offers one of the environments for revelers to interact with friends while having their favorite drinks. Apart from the unique lighting in the bar, the sitting arrangement is such that there are between four to five chairs around each table. Nonetheless, revelers who want secluded services seek the services at the VIP lounge. All the same, revelers usually show similar reactions, especially after they have had some bottles of beer or glasses of wine. Since the bar is a public place accessible to both men and women of the legal drinking age, a great diversity of people can be found at the bar at any given time. Although different bars may have unique layouts, the drinking behavior and communication patterns remain virtually the same.

Perhaps the queerest behaviors about drinkers in a bar are their entrance and sitting patters. More often than not, revelers choose a specific location in the bar where they sit and everyone seems to know his/her corner while at their favorite bar. People who are close friends prefer to sit around one table while catching up on the latest news, trends, and updates. On the other hand, strangers and first-timers like to sit in secluded corners where there is little interference. Upon entering a pub, one will notice the difference between regular customers and visitors because the sitting arrangement and level of interaction differs a great deal. Furthermore, some people, who like to have a private experience, sit next to the door or counter.

For a first-timer, one will probably know that the bar is not for the saints because of the flurry of activities that go on within any particular bar. The nature and pattern of such activities intensify as the night approaches because more people flock such bars to have a good time. Since the obvious objective of walking into a bar is to have some drink and probably relieve oneself of the day’s stress, the bar attenders are quick to serve any new visitor with the drink of their choice. Various people have different tastes for alcohol and perhaps this is the main reason for having a wide range of alcoholic brands in the bars. In addition to drinking, people to go to the bar discuss various issues among themselves. Although some of their issues may be completely irrelevant, such issues suit their needs and interests, at least for the moment.

When it comes to the communication patterns in bars, it is worth mentioning that different revelers express themselves uniquely, although there is the element of humor in their communication styles. While some of the drinkers are reserved in their utterances and behavior, others express outright arrogance and disregard for the privacy of other members. The louder members habitually cause great disturbance while at the pub due to their restlessness. The quiet ones like to discuss their issues at low tones so that only the concerned people can engage in the discussion. They have respect for the space and dignity of others. Although not every extrovert is noisy while at the pub, it is worth noting that a good number of them express similar outrageous behavior.

The social interaction of revelers is both distinct and humorous perhaps because they all believe that their friends at the bar are their greatest friends. A section of revelers comes to the pub to have a good time with female friends. Others come to look for sexual partners in the bars. The kind that searches for sex will splash money at any woman they see just to convince them to agree to their sexual advancements. They do not get enough of the women and they will go as far as having affairs with the female bar attenders, who are considered to have loose morals. Conversely, the old women come to look for young men who can satisfy them sexually and they hope the bar is the best place to find such young men. Then there is the honest group that does not come with ulterior motives except to have a good time out.

Many topic of discussion emerge in the bar depending on the people involved, the trending topics, and the level of drunkenness of the people. On many occasions, politics, sex, women, drugs, and money take the center stage. When it comes to such topics, people discuss in large groups where every one of them tries to prove to the others how wealthy or knowledgeable he/she is on certain subjects. Whatever topic people discuss in terms, there is little order because most of the people are drunk. As opposed to small groups of individuals or couples who discuss their issues at low tones, the larger groups have no order at all and at tomes one can be forgiven for thinking that the arena is for a shouting match.

One can attach various meaning to the types of interactions that are present in bars, especially when people are completely drunk. In essence, people tend to lose some of their senses upon gobbling a few bottles of beer or glasses of wine. They talk in a haphazard manner while ‘high’ perhaps to justify that whatever liquor they have taken is flowing and working properly in their bloodstreams. Besides, it is apparent that no serious issue can be discussed conclusively and analytically at the bar because people tend to compromise their ability to judge. Although some people remain reasonably stable when drunk, others completely go on a ‘blackout’ in the sense that they cannot control their utterances and/or behaviors.

Some people play active roles while others remain rather passive for the rest of their encounter at the bar, particularly when it comes to social interaction. The bigmouths at the pubs play roles that, under ordinary circumstances, would not go well with the society. There is the pronounced use of profane language in such bars and the funny part is that everyone seems to enjoy such behavior, even the women. No one would expect the people who use vulgar language at the bar to talk in a similar manner when they meet under different circumstances. For example, some of the people at the bar were people who work in the same office.

The setting does not affect the roles of the people involved in social interaction significantly because the bar is the right environment for such behaviors and expressions.

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