Terrorist Events at Airports

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Terrorist events at airports have become a common occurrence. Terrorists target airports despite the high levels of security in such areas. Any loophole in airport security could lead to an attack that may cost people’s lives (Elias, 2009). There have three reported cases of airport terrorist attacks in 2017. At the Orly airport in France, a suspected Islamic extremist attacked a French soldier (BBC News, 2017). Before the attack, he shouted that he was willing to commit murder and face death as a way of pleasing Allah. He was carrying an assault rifle that he intended to use in the planned attack. However, the patrol staff at the airport acted in time and shot the man before he could use his weapon. The incident happened in one of the busiest terminals at the airport, a factor that demonstrated a major challenge in promoting security within airports. The incident happened on 03/18/2017, and nobody lost life due to the prompt action of the officers on patrol. The suspected terrorist had a criminal record indicating that he had undergone radicalization as he was serving his jail term. After the attack at Orly airport, different media channels reported the incident and conducted a follow up to inform the public how the police were handling the issue. Moreover, the French government issued a statement against terrorism and promised the people that the government would increase measures of providing security not only at airports but other areas identified as potential targets (BBC News, 2017).

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In a different incident in the United States at Bishop International Airport in Michigan, a police officer sustained serious injuries after a suspected terrorist stabbed him. The suspected terrorist was of a Canadian origin and was heard yelling Islamic words before stabbing the police officer (Fox News, 2017). The suspected terrorist shouted that “God is Great” in Islamic before going ahead to stab the police officer. Although he was a legal migrant living in the United States, the police established that he had exhibited a level of hatred towards the United States. After the Michigan incident, there were different news channels and media houses that gave the story a lot of attention (Fox News, 2017). Notably, the United States reports terror-related events in details. The American government promised better security through the implementation of various strategies.

In Afghanistan, a car bomb killed one person and injured others after it exploded outside an airport in Jalalabad. A critical analysis of the incident reveals that the Islamic state was responsible for staging the car bomb as part of the war in Afghanistan (Zarifi, 2017). These three incidents demonstrate that countries need to increase their efforts in promoting airport security. The Afghanistan case received attention from the media, but the government did not issue any statement regarding the occurrence.

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It is explicit that the French and American governments have a strong view towards terrorism. The two governments condemn any act of terrorism perpetrated in different parts of the world. However, the two governments also promised the implementation of better security measures to prevent a similar occurrence in the future. Experts quoted the Michigan incident as one of the adverse effects of the increased radicalization in the United States (Salter, 2017). The American government reiterated its firm stance against terrorists. On the other hand, the Orly airport incident also depicted a case of increased radicalization in Europe. The radicalized individuals are willing to perpetrate attacks in different cities.

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