The Most Significant Technology in the U.S.A.

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The technological history of US portrays the United States as the most advanced, technologically, in the world. Some of the factors that have propelled rapid technological advancement in the US include and not limited to fast-growing entrepreneurship, climate diversity, availability of land, free market, the abundance of capital, the absence of aristocracy, and availability of literate labor. U.S is leading in technological advancement, particularly in automobile technological advancement. Therefore, it is arguable that the most significant technology in the USA is automobile technology. The automobile technology in the US has had a long history as well as significant impacts on the US economy. Although the US is leading in many other technologies, the automobile technology has not only impacted the individual’s life but also to the entire society. In this sense, therefore, this discussion is aimed at discussing the development of the automobile technology, its significance compared with other forms of technology, and its impacts on the social, political and economic aspects in the US.

During the second industrial revolution, the United States was leading in many technologies. Even today, there are some other notable technologies such as the internet, machinery, weapons, steel, and electricity among others. The impacts of these technologies continue to impact societies in and out of America. Nonetheless, all forms of technologies are beneficial to the consumers, but the role that the automobile technology has played in shaping America’s economy is inestimable. Undoubtedly, the American way of life and the economy primarily rely on transportation (Amatucci, 45).  The automobile technology is also rapidly advancing compared to the other mentioned technologies. For instance, it is anticipated that the US is under revolution whereby the dependence on oil is slowly overtaken by the plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and electric vehicles (Litman, 39). Additionally, the automobile technology is believably one of those inventions that have led to numerous positive and negative impacts on the history of America compared to other inventions.

The first automobile was publicly accessible in 1920. The invention eased the means of transport whereby people took a short time to move from one place to the other. People were also able to travel to other countries. Initially, vehicles were considered luxurious but more people continued to own them as the production increased (Amatucci, 44). Due to the technological improvement, more companies continued to manufacture new automobile models which were more affordable. People’s lifestyles were also transformed by the emergence and the spreading use of the automobiles. Women were no longer restricted at home since they could drive to towns and other places. However, the automobiles were widely used by the women who lived in the suburbs. Unlike the women who lived in urban areas, the suburbs dwellers required faster means of transportation to the urban areas. Nevertheless, the invention of automobiles was not without disadvantage. One of the disadvantages was the breaking of the belief in family and family unit. People could travel widely and even establish businesses thereby dedicating less time to family matters. Also, other means of transport such as horses, railroads, and bicycles were overtaken by the automobile use.

Means of Transportation for Passengers in USA

Mode of Transport Miles (Million) Percentage (%)
Personal cars and motorcycles 3,692,760 75.11
Trucks 268,318 5.46
Buses 312,797 6.36
Total 4,273,876 86.93
Transit 19,832 0.40
commuter 11,121 0.23
 intercity 6,804 0.14
Total 37,757 0.77
Others 4,156 0.08

The automobile technology had impacts on the politics, economy, and social life of the Americans. Economically, there were increased job opportunities that saw the employment of many Americans (Bennett and Kenneth, 4). There was also increased buying of vehicles and the development of infrastructure. There was the creation of the Interstate Highway System that enhanced fast movement. Socially, people were able to mingle at the theatres due to easy means of transport. In addition, the discovery of automobiles influenced the America’s journey towards supremacy.

During the time of invention, people felt that the invention was going to provide faster means of transportation. It was also believed that the automobile technology was going to overcome other means of transport (Bennett and Kenneth, 26). Today, the automobile technology is still viewed as the fasted and convenient means of transport. However, more discoveries continue to take roots to enhance safety. The engineers and manufacturers are more concerned about safety besides the features of automobiles, for instance, there are vehicles which are fitted with airbags and sensors to improve safety. During the invention, people assumed that the automobiles would transform their lives and that there would be more improvements in future.

The automobile technology is the most significant invention compared to other technologies such as the internet (which is a recent technology), other means of transport (including bicycles, walking, railroads, and horses) and machinery. Automobiles contribute mainly to the American economy because many people rely on vehicles for transportation (Amatucci, 58). Historically, the emergence of the technology was not only beneficial to the drivers but also to the many workers who secured jobs at the manufacturing companies (Amatucci, 45). Due to easy movement from one place to the other, the automobile technology contributed significantly to the promotion of entrepreneurship.

In conclusion, automobile technology has been important in the US during and long after its invention. It is a technology that developed rapidly and had notable impacts on the society. It is therefore evident that the automobile technology has numerous benefits to the society and is central to the economy of America. America could not be where it is if such an invention did not take place. Seeing that automobile technology is a pillar of the economy (one of the factors that make America a superpower) then the American society would have been negatively affected if there were no such technology.  It is therefore evident that any upcoming technology in the US will mean more benefits to the Americans.

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