Police Corruption

Most law enforcers would probably suppose that accepting a gratuity or a small gift does not lead to corruption.  However, in Mike Corley’s article titled, ‘Gratuities: There is No Free Lunch,’ the author elucidates readers on the relationship between accepting gratuities and corruption. Corley states that many law enforcement agents take robust positions against corruption but taking a stand against accepting gratuities seem to be a tough task. According to the author, the most difficult questions to answer with regards acceptance of gratuities are ‘how’ and ‘why’ since there appear to be no obvious boundaries, which define when gratuities are linked to corruption or when they are not. Majority of scholars in the law enforcement field, according to Corley, assert that the acceptance of gratuities is a pitfall that leads to corruption. Corley bases his classification of corruption on four experts’ definitions which affirm that corruption entails the act of accepting goods or anything with monetary value ‘for performing or failing to perform duties which are a normal part of one’s job’.[1]
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