Annotated bibliography on cloud computing in business

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Rainer, R K. Introduction to Information Systems: Supporting and Transforming Business. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley, 2008. Print. P. 26

In the first chapter of this book, the author focuses attention on Amazon EC2 product with the whether this application meets its required targets especially with the emerging market competition trends. However, this chapter asserts that IT solutions offered by Amazon Elastic Cloud are still relevant despite competition from its market peers because of the price attached to accessing the product, which is relatively cheaper. The author further highlights that the success of companies such as Powerset and Mechanical Turk attribute to the cloud computing facility offered by Amazon EC2. The other benefit that EC2 has over other cloud-computing providers as intimated by the author is that it accommodates a high percentage of processing tasks, making it to be far much more efficient as compared to their market peers. The other efficiency created in using Amazon EC2 is that it filters spam content for an organization and also detects malicious software and removes it, which in turn influences high productivity and efficiency for a company using it.

Tarrant, Stuart. Discover How Cloud Computing can improve efficiency & Staff productivity. Web. 22 Feb. 2014.

In this article, the author discusses the importance of using cloud computing to a business and expounds on how this can increase efficiency in staff productivity. Further, the author also explains the need for outsourcing cloud-computing services as this eases the workload for employees and allows them to concentrate on other productive matters. As per the article, cloud computing also increases worker satisfaction and helps them in developing organizational commitment as this makes their work easier and allows them to work on tasks that will increase productivity. In addition, the author also highlights the need for applying cloud-computing application as this allows for employee mobility as they are able to work from any location. Generally, this author focuses on the positive attributes brought about by cloud computing as the article gives insights as to why this application is an efficient application for business practice and operations.

Kushida, Kenji E., Jonathan Murray, and John Zysman. “Diffusing the Cloud: Cloud Computing and Implications for Public Policy.” Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade3 (2011): 209-37. ProQuest. Web. 22 Feb. 2014.

This article illustrates the benefits that cloud computing has to offer to companies, private consumers and government agencies that use this application in the execution of their operational functions. Further, this journal highlights the actual constitution of cloud computing and the ways in which the market is becoming diverse in applying this function. The journal mainly targets business executives, policy developers, and scholars in the IT field as it is an essential tool for facilitating development in the cloud computing sector as per the changing dynamics of the market. This journal article also illustrates the relevance of cloud computing as an avenue for influencing corporate efficiency and a basis to which entrepreneurs can kick-start their ventures. The argument carried in the article is that cloud computing is a revolutionary technology tool and that understanding the core dynamics embedded in it is the only way of ensuring that this tool increases productivity when applied.

Agmon Ben-Yehuda, Ben-Yehuda, Muli, Schuser, Assaf, Tsafrir, Dan. ACM Transactions on Economics and Computation, ISSN 2167-8375, 1.3 (2013): 1 – 20 22 Feb. 2014.

This journal article gives insights on the introduction of the Amazon EC2 application into the cloud computing and gives the terms of use. It discusses how usage of this function began through an hourly rental rate as clients were hosted at a data center hosted by Amazon. The benefits of using this form of cloud computing as discussed by the author is that users can customize the application as per their usage, meaning that it is a well-built infrastructure tool. As per the article, the principle advantage that Amazon EC2 cloud computing offers is that it allows for modification of software configurations in order to make it more efficient towards the intended function. This means that Amazon EC2 cloud computing can be an effective application if modified by a user or tailored to suit the business functions intended as communicated by the author of this journal article. Lastly, the article also points out the increase in usage of this application since its inception as users have understood the benefits associated with its usage.

Dimitris, Chorafas N. Cloud Computing Strategies. ISBN Publishers, 2010. P. 350

Here, the author emphasizes that cloud computing services is a virtual evaluation tool that manages software platforms because of its ability to assemble wider networks. This article focuses on the advantages of cloud computing in general and their impact on the productivity of a business or in other fields. Further, the author highlights the various industries in which its application is relevant and the continuing shifts aimed at making this function to be applied in its field. In addition, the author gives the diverse application of this function that stretches out to hardware such as the storage network and the CPU together with software systems that may include databases. On the other hand, the article gives the challenges that this form of cloud computing experiences in the process of executing its functions at both the theoretical and practical levels. According to the author, the discussion on these challenges, aims at making this service delivery avenue to be better and relevant to its target market.

Chee, Brian J.S and Franklin, Curtis Jr. Cloud Computing: technologies and strategies for the ubiquitous data center. CRC Press, 2010. 289

This article focuses on cloud computing in general as an application that business enterprises, government agencies, and private users have come to rely on as an essential tool for influencing productivity. The article dwells on the price factor associated with putting up the cloud computing services as being relatively fair as compared to the service that it can deliver to a business entity that applies it. The main target that this author had in mind are IT managers as this helps in answering the many questions that they may have about the future of using cloud computing. Further, the article asserts that using cloud computing illustrates the sophistication of a business and gives the history of the evolution of cloud computing as a business function. The author also looks at cloud computing a solution to the many IT challenges that modern day business are facing, especially if applied as per the required standards and tailoring as per the needs of the user.

Asia Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation. Cloud Computing for Business Sustainability. Sage Publishers, 8.4 (2012): 461-474. Web. 22 Feb. 2014.

This article takes a diversionary approach as the author discusses cloud computing, such as Amazon EC2 as a way enforcing sustainable business practice in terms of profit generation and the management of resources. The author views cloud computing as an IT solution to the many challenges that business organizations face in the execution of services or in the production of goods intended for distribution. However, the article is keen on noting that poor management of this function is also likely to create further problems that may spread to excessive energy consumption that might influence a business to incur losses. Therefore, this author creates a link between cloud computing and the sustainable management practice, which is one of the ways of protecting ecosystems and the environment for future generations. Subsequently, this journal article establishes a link between these two vital practices while ensuring that a business generates profits while still applying ethical standards in the process.  Lastly, the author asserts that this journal article is an effective human resource management tool that can help in influencing sustainable environments while still making profits in the present.

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