Job Competencies Identification

Subject: 💼 Business
Type: Descriptive Essay
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Word count: 335
Topics: 🏆 Career Goals, Engineering, 👔 Job
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There is a strong association between organizational success and having a clear mission, a strong vision, and strong values. However, the success can only be attained if employees buy into the said vision, mission and values (Johnson, 2014). To get employees who will facilitate organizational success, businesses need to align their competency models with their mission, vision as well as strategy (Rankin and Shumack, 2016). This simply means taking into consideration the company’s objectives while drafting job descriptions. For Schenck Process LLC, this is indeed the case as shown in the company’s job description for the position of an Electrical Engineering Team Leader.

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In the job description, the company gives a succinct explanation of the job purpose as well as the academic qualifications required.  Schenck Process LLC goes ahead to highlight the key competencies it is looking for in the potential candidates. The said competencies include being an initiative driver, a world-class communicator, showing respect and appreciation to all stakeholders as well as being an influencer with authority. These competencies are strongly in line with the company’s vision which is to become a “world-class technological leadership (schenckprocess, 2017).” This is particularly evident in the competency requirement that one should be a world-class communicator and be an initiative driver. Schenck Process LLC’s mission is to “make our customers’ processes work by being the supplier of choice for best-in-class solutions throughout the process industries (schenckprocess, 2017).”  This is reflected in the job competencies requirements such as showing appreciation and respect for all stakeholders as well as being an initiative driver. Key organizational values for Schenck Process LLC include encouraging people, inspiring customers and shaping the future. The components of the competency model that reflect these values include world-class communicator, change managing expert as well as influencer without authority.

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