Research proposal on Negative effects of social media on the young generation

Subject: 📡 Media
Type: Proposal Essay
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Topics: 🤳 Social Media, Social Networking
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The popularity of social networking grows daily. This has made the planet Earth to appear as a global village. The needs of sharing knowledge, recognition, friendship, employment, and general communication, among the youths, have been transformed in a single pack of social media. Some of the platforms for social networking include Myspace, Hike, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter among others. The reason for this research is to assist in monitoring the trend and rate of the negative effects generated by the social media on the young generation. Specifically, youths between the age of 14 to 30 years, living in urban setups will be considered for the research. The research is based on a year’s time-frame to cope up with the speedily growing technological world. The audience for research includes ENG 1020 students and instructors in this semester. The main importance of this topic relates to the fact; its outcome will assist in speculating kinds of evils that will be experienced in the future. For instance, thieves shall have innovated an online mode of stealing, or employees will have developed means of boycotting their job without the employer’s knowledge. This in return will avail an opportunity for the relevant authorities to generate appropriate mitigations in advance to counteract such evils.

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The main concern for the research is that online evils are growing at a higher rate, as the rate of the platforms grows. If not controlled at this level, it will be overwhelming in the periods to come. Statistics that will be relied on about research will be the average number of friends that most youths, on Facebook have. Besides, an average number of groups in which youths on WhatsApp belong to will also be of help for the research. The speculated opposition is expected from the owners of these platforms of socializing. This would be generated by the fear of the need to close down some of the platforms which will be noted as the core contributors to the negativity. The opposition will not be a hindrance for the research because, there is no intention of making the relevant owners of the platforms aware of the research; the users of these platforms (youths), are to be of use to generate the aim of the research. The main achievement of the research is to avail an accurate proof, to the relevant authorities, of the need to control the rate of the invention and innovation of the social medias. This will eventually control the rate of the negative effects.

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In Social Media: Positive vs. Negative Effect on Young Generation, Sinha, and the fellow authors claim that the rapid growth in technological connectivity is the causes of the invention of social media, which is motivated by the high rate of usage. This they proved statistically over the past years to the time of this documentation. The general implication of the source is an enhancement of positive impacts of the social media, by the media managers through innovation (Sinha 490). The source will assist in availing statistics for comparison between the positive and negative impacts.

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In Social Media its Impact on Positive and Negative Aspects, the authors claim that social media avails a platform for discussion of individual opinions and issues. This has been supported by analysis of the use of social media on formal organizations relating to education and business among others (Siddiqui & Singh 72), which was confirmed minimal. The authors have suggested a limited use of social media to avoid addiction. This source provides information relating to negative effects informal set ups, hence will be of good for the research.

Ramirez in The Impact of Social Media on Younger Generation, claims a common use of the social media, specifically Facebook, in the current young generation. This is used for entertainment and communication mainly. The author suggests that the negativity or positivity of the impacts of social media depends on how they use the media (Rameez 312). This source narrows doing the social media platforms to Facebook, which is the highly used. This will be add-up on the content of the research heavily, due to the huge number of users of Facebook.

The impact of Social Media on Youth: A case Study of Bahawalpur City, is authored by scholars from various universities. They claim that social networking is a medium of discussing burning issues that have not been addressed in the scenarios of today. The implication of this source relates to specific measures that should be used rightly in the utilization of the social media favorably and appropriately. These measures relate to ethical, social and religious responsibility among others (Shabir et al. 149). This source focusses its findings from an urban setup, which provides a relevant geographical region for the research.

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