Social media and business intelligence

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Social media is the new buzz word when it comes to modern day businesses, networking, marketing, and e- commerce based activities. Social media is a single platform that entertains the purpose of many collectively. For instance marketing comes up in form of the advertisement that are part of every page on social media. The paid ads appearing on the sidelines are common example of marketing done through social media.

Networking is a source of connect and social media connects the individuals who may be residing in two different parts of the world (Partridge, 2011). It connects the people through same taste, same place, same liking and same event activity.

E-commerce has found new market in form of the social media promotion. One small example is this regard is Shopify stores(Dummies, 2016). Face Book alone attracts over three quarters of users to its online page. Many other industries collectively benefit from the social media source providing it with a uniform platform to the clients from across the world. Customer support over social media comes about in form of frequently asked questions, tutorials and other user friendly options available on the different websites (B&T, 2016).

The data and business intelligence usage over social media allows for improved responses, improved sales and profits and improved customers’ satisfaction. The business intelligence tools enable selecting the right kind of strategy for the right kind of customers and helps making maximum gains (Alton, 2015).

It can safely said that the social media has made all these aspects more attractive, competitive and facilitating towards the customers as well as investors.

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