75 Topics for Persuasive Essays (+Writing Tips)

Looking for persuasive research paper topics to get inspired and fired up to complete an assignment? Here’s a collection of 75 trending essay topics you…

Jessica Nita

50 Best Ideas for Research Paper Topics in 2017

Looking for a good research topic? The first tip right off the bat: start early. This type of assignment is quite challenging and requires weeks…

Jessica Nita

Discover Great Political Essay Topics with Explanations with GradeMiners!

Every student knows that choosing a strong topic is a crucial part of essay writing. What is more important, it should be based on in-depth…

Benjamin Oaks

Today’s Most Popular Classification Essay Topics and How to Handle Them

A classification essay is a type of paper where you supposed to arrange or sort something, ‒ people, objects or even ideas, ‒ into particular…

Haiden Malecot

70 Great Personal Essay Topics for College: Ideas and Tips for Writing

The personal essay is a typical assignment for school and college students. This type of writing reveals your personal life experiences. In other words, working…

Jared Houdi

The Ultimate List of College Essay Topics to Write About in 2017

Some students think that formatting of the completed papers is the hardest part. On the other hand, the idea of citing seem not so challenging…

Jason Burrey

50 Great Examples of Compelling Argumentative Research Topics

No one can avoid arguments in life. When it comes to writing, an argumentative essay is a typical assignment for students of all educational levels….

Jessica Nita

Highlight the main viewpoint in Conflicts essays

The two ways on how to structure Conflicts essays include first expressing and stating a clear viewpoint in the essay, and secondly, being reflective, neutral…

Haiden Malecot

Indicating Clinical Features in Alzheimer research papers intros

Many people do not want to be associated with any disease, not even the Alzheimer’s disease. The disease is a mental disorder causing lapses in…

Benjamin Oaks

How to write a statistics research paper

Statistics would have been a lot easier for many who do not like to deal with numbers, if more emphasis was laid on the fact…

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