Importance of fathers

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Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens.  They are future parents too.  Responsible fathers turn their children into respectable, law–abiding, and disciplined adults.  This is necessary for any nation / country to prosper in all respects. An irresponsible father turns his children’s lives chaotic and destroys their well-being.  This is the most unwanted thing in any society.  In this backdrop, society needs responsible fathers, not just fathers.

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Thesis statement

A responsible father has to play three important roles in his life to transform his children as respectable citizens.  In the role of a father, he should build up their character mending their ways whenever necessary.  In the role of a strict disciplinarian, he should take steps to see that they do not go astray in their lives by awarding suitable punishments.  In the role of a playmate, the father should boost up their self-confidence and turn them into healthy citizens.  When a father performs these three roles like a seasoned actor, the children become perfect citizens.


Sun, as the Father of the Universe, controls all the planets revolving around it.  It keeps them in their gravitational equilibrium in the outer space and makes them adhere to their routine motions.  Similarly, as the head of a family, a father should recognize his responsibilities and duties towards his children and assume the role of a mentor of their actions.  He should take upon himself the prime responsibility for their behavior, good or bad.  The actions of children reflect their character and the character speaks of their upbringing pattern.  It is therefore the prime responsibility of a father to train his children and mend their actions in such a way that they grow up as law-abiding citizens with good educational background, love for co-children and respect for elders.  For example, as mentor, a father educates them on how to behave with their classmates at school and how to treat the incoming guests at home. A responsible father should teach his children how to develop their IQ and put it to use. A father should also comply with the financial needs of his children until they turn earning members themselves.  We see so many abandoned children turning into juvenile thieves / vagabonds/ anti-social elements posing serious law and order problems to the order of the day.  Lack of financial independence is the major reason for the abandoned and neglected children turning into problem citizens.  When a father brings up his children, in a systematic manner mending their ways and attending to their financial needs, there is little scope of them turning into anti socials. To put it simply, a father should not satisfy himself with his attaining fatherhood, but he should also be a responsible father.  Or else, he is not a father at all.

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As the head of a family, a father should also assume the role of a strict disciplinarian for his children.  Who else will teach them the order and discipline, if not the father?  Forgetting that he is a lovable father, he should see himself in the footsteps of a strict police officer.  Undisciplined children turn chaotic and that is most dangerous for any society, as today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens.  Fathers must keep this in mind while upbringing their children. Discipline evolves by practice.  The practice of sticking to school schedules and bed timings, eating at proper intervals, and wearing suitable dress, in addition to maintaining gentle behavior at home and outside forms part of the ethics and dynamics of self- discipline.  It ushers in self-confidence and respectability of the children.  A child becomes a father and up-brings his children in turn over a period.  A father must discipline his children whenever they behave erratic by awarding suitable punishments.  Children, brought up with such a background, would learn how to respect their parents, family elders, rules of the society and order of the day.  It is a non-disputable fact that a child respecting his / her elders also respects his / her society.  The main responsibility of a father here is that he should inculcate the principles of co-existence and love in children’s minds.

A responsible father should also play a third role, as a playmate of his children,   for their overall well-being.  Here, he should encourage his children into playing games at school and on streets at leisure timings.  Participation in games, irrespective of defeat or win in competitions, will boost up the self-confidence of children and keep them fit always. It enhances their courage levels and keeps their minds and bodies very much active. When the body and mind are vibrant and active, it leads to a complete personality. It adds up to the children’s intelligence and they can take appropriate decisions at times of adversity. They would be in a position to tackle complicated situations arising out of any kind of rough weather. Swami Vivekananda says that a few heart-whole, sincere, and energetic men and women can do more in a year than a mob in a century.


Society needs responsible fathers.  There is no alternative to this.

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