Power inventory assessment reflection

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Power Inventory Assessment Reflection – Slightly more Assertive than Accommodative

It is very crucial to have a strong power during a negotiation or a disagreement and although it is  often about perception, it gives a person the leverage. Power style is a characteristic way in which a person tends to influence other people’s behaviors, overcome resistance and achieve one’s goals during negotiations or disagreements relationship and interactions. A person’s power style may have developed during childhood and later natured by family or other values like religion. A person may employ more than one power style or, depending upon the situation at hand, may even switch the styles (Zichy & Bidou, 2013).  This essay will discuss more on a reflection on my assessed power style of “Slightly more Assertive than Accommodative”.

The assessment was done on how I tend to respond during a particular situation at work that involves a moderate or a highly stressful decision making and also when we have a disagreement with another person on what to/what not to do, while at the same time, we both have an important role in the outcome. I agree with the outcome of the assessment which identified me to be more assertive in such instances than I can accommodate with a 54% and 46% respectively. By being assertive, a person feels freer to express his/her feelings, thoughts and desires in trying to get the others adopt his/her views. On the other hand an accommodative person will tend to accommodate himself/herself to the views and objectives of others and giving in either to make them happy or avoid conflicts ( Matthews, Deary & Whiteman, 2010). For my case I first reflect on the facts that I have to argue in a case and if I am confident that I can prove myself beyond reasonable doubt, I assertively argue my points and try to convince the other parties to believe my views.

I would not sacrifice or  just give up every point I have and give in to other people’s views and objectives without disagreeing with them and giving my side of view. I believe that letting others to always win when you believe you have strong points is not healthy in a relationship. This is because you may be having a stronger point which if you explained to the other party, may bring them to reason as you and eventually save a situation rather than just accommodating their weak views and regretting later. However, I like also listening to their views and objectives so as to find out if they are making more sense than mine and if they so I calmly accept them. I believe also that one can never be always right and I tend to balance my assertiveness and accommodative styles. I may be thinking I have the best suggestions about a particular case but when others bring in their argument, I find they have more power thereby making me to accept them and incorporate them.

As an assertive person, it is my satisfaction to maintain a comfortable relationship with others by controlling my anger in provocative situations. If we disagree and one uses an terms or statements that are provoke anger or humiliation, instead of reacting to it, I believe in calmly and freely expressing my hurt feelings, thoughts and desires by letting the other person know about it. I am also a person of compromise where I find it healthy without affecting my self esteem. Depending on the circumstance, I can chose to avoid a conflict by giving in and letting the other person win or take the day. After all, I will tactfully plan on how to let them still know my position when the situation calms down hence will not have interfered with the relationship I have with such a person.

The information as outlined in my assessment is very important to me in regard to improving my effectiveness when dealing with situations. I have learnt and I believe that a balanced power style is effective more than one that is not balanced especially when I am addressing or dealing with differences with other people. For more effectiveness in situations that are debatable, one requires to advocate for his/her own views and objectives providing appropriate rationales and immediately be ready to listen and be influenced by other’s views, rationales and objectives. That way, you will have a balanced approach and avoid escalating the situation negatively if you tend to be assertive only without accommodating other’s reasoning and points of view.

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