Software to increase diversity in hiring start up company

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Vision, mission, and value statements are critical elements for business and essential for start ups that are entering new and sensitive markets. Vision statement clearly stipulates the dream of the company and the direction that the future of the company relies on. Mission statement defines the reason for setting up an organization, why it exists and its function in the market. Finally, the value statement helps to inform customers of the core and main priorities and beliefs that help them connect with the company, as well as inform and remind the employees the goals and objectives of the organization. All the three elements comprise a good business formation help device the strategy. For the start up that targets to enhance on diversity in hiring in nations with different cultures and ethnicities, it is fundamental that all the three are related to expound on the need for the software and how it will reduce imbalances in hiring of different people and open equal opportunity for everyone.

The vision, as it defines what the company intends to achieve and its prospects in the future, it directly contributes to the strategy to be undertaken to ensure that the company achieves its set purpose. For instance, the software will utilize information technology to make it easy for different people to have equal chances of getting hired at work places, and the software is targeted to become popular and the solution for discrimination in jobs. As any other company, the organization targets to continue in business and expand to other regions. It is, therefore, crucial to recognize that the vision, mission, ad value statement is essential for strategic management purposes (Pullman & Sauter, 2012). They communicate purpose to stakeholders, informs management on strategy development, and help develop measurable goals and objectives by which to measure the extent to which the organization strategy has succeeded over time.

For a strategy to be implemented successfully, the leadership ability is crucial. The kind of leadership in place, in terms of integrity of character contributes immensely to the effectiveness of a strategy. With a splendid strategy in place, that is well informed by the three elements, vision, mission, and value statements, with unable leadership, the strategy is as good as dead. Leadership puts inputs and human energies together in the most appropriate way to deliver on the vision of the business. The input of the leadership differentiates direction and the reason for business existence. Works and utilizes available information effectively to ensure that everything necessary for the success of the startup is well coordinated to ensure that the vision of the business is achieved. A visionary leadership buy-in in the diversity in hiring organization will design the best methods and appropriately get out the relevant information to ensure that the software is utilized to increase diversity in hiring.

External and internal factors that directly impact on the organization are critical in helping start ups grow. Situational analysis, that will utilize SWOT and PEST will help identify the capabilities and potential market for the software business (Joyce, 2017).  SWOT analysis is an important tool to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that can internally impact on the business operation. Some of the strengths that can be a concerned with the kind of business is the leadership capacity. On the side of weakness can emerge from poor employee motivation. Opportunity exists because of the current surge in online employment and threats it is the ability of the software to beat competitors or those who might come up with a cheaper and more efficient way to do the same job at a lower cost and drive the company out of business. PEST is a tool that will help analyze the political, economic, socio-cultural, and technological changes that directly impact on the business. Understanding the political environment where the business is intended to operate is crucial to strategize on penetration ways. It is a good software that can face challenges where political conditions are against it and if such is not well analyzed, then there is a risk of hindering growth. With the robust technology, it is important to analyze the kind of technological environment the business is part of, and possible technological hitches that it is likely to encounter and try to mitigate them before they work against the company vision, mission, and value statements. For instance, cybercrime.

The business enters into a corporate culture that is already in existence. As well, the area the business is entering has people with varied beliefs and characters. For instance, if the target market is a certain region in the United States that has Natives, African Americans, and say Latinos, then this are distinct cultures that have different perceptions and beliefs. For the business to thrive in such area, it is crucial that the strategy is aligned with the people and the corporate culture that is already in existence (Van, 2010). Otherwise, the risk of nonalignment with people and corporate culture is failure even to pick up. Alignment ensures that the business caters for the needs of the people and the agrees with the culture that is already a precedent. That way, if the issue of diversity is a concern and its important and helpful for the better coexistence of the people, then it will be critical in the success of the business. On the other hand, failure to operate appropriately and involve the target customers meeting their needs will throw the business into disarray at the very early stage.

Amazon SWOT Analysis


  • The company makes profits and works on further reducing delivery costs to its customers
  • Its utilization of information technology and best customer management strategy is key
  • Expanding into other products such as electronics and games


  • It started with books, and was known for books. Now it risks destroying its original reputation, as it expands into other areas.
  • In the future, its free delivery strategy will negatively impact on its profitability


  • As its is a pioneer and leader in online retail marketing, it can offer its expertise at a fee to emerging online retailers.
  • The public sector is yet to go online. It has the capacity to join hands and collaborate with the public sector, example libraries to provide online books.
  • There are emerging markets that, for example, developing countries, and its expansion there can boost its growth.


  • Amazon sells goods that have substitutes and can be provided with other retailers like Walmart. With the emergence of more competition, its growth will be hindered.
  • Internationally, it is likely to encounter new cultures and new government policies that maybe restrictive for its expansion as they try to help their own companies. That will hinder its strategy in the future. Or lack of addresses for delivery in developing countries.

With the current information technology growth globally, the company will continue its dominance in as the leader in online retailing. As it still makes supernormal profits, it has the financial capacity to enter emerging markets and control huge markets that will have new entrants to crack. However, it is important for Amazon to utilize its strengths to counter cybercrime and counterfeit to protect its reputation and protect consumer information.

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