Retention, Separation, and Discipline

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Google Inc. has experience massive success in technology because of the team of great talents that the company hired over the years. Indeed, the company understands the importance of motivating the employees, through introducing policies that favor the talented workforce in the organization. Google started as a search engine business, focused on providing internet users a chance to find relevant information around the web. However, the company saw the need to diversify its business portfolio, further investing in other areas of technology (Cerdin & Brewster, 2014). As a result, most of the products that the corporation has introduced have been received well by the customers. The employees at Google are lauded for their creativity and desire to help the corporation meet its objectives. For instance, Google developed an email client, Gmail, which become one of preferred web-based email client. Besides, Google ventured into the hardware business, with investment on phones such as Nexus and Pixel. Additionally, Google has invested in smart homes, taking advantage of the advancement in artificial intelligence. Google owns the world’s popular smartphone operating system, Android.

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As mentioned earlier, Google Corporation understands the need to retain its talented workforce. Considering the competition in the technological industries, Google offers employees an attractive compensation package, to ensure that these employees remain in the corporation for a long time. The salaries that Google provides its staff is high and this makes them to consider settling in the organization (Pratap, 2017). This way, the competitors do not have an easy time to convince the workers at Google to join their organization. It is worth noting that employees are likely to move to another organization that pays well, since salaries and wages motivate the employees to stick or move away from an organization. Additionally, the corporation provides packages such as free dental care for employees and their families. As such, the employees appreciate that the corporation care about their families and their overall wellbeing. This is the reason Google employees have remained loyal to the corporation and largely appreciate the management for putting them first.

According to Burke and Noumair (2015), the environment in which an individual works determines their level of motivation and desire to stick to the stick to the workplace. Google has invested in creating an attractive workspace for it workers. Employees are allowed to work in the office up to late hours and they are served with drinks, lunch, and dinner. Employees at Google develop confidence, after undergoing training and mentoring programs. Google employees understand the power of sharing ideas. As such, meetings are held in offices, which enable employees to discuss ideas and promote creativity in the organization, considered as a core element in promotion of innovation.  Besides, Google largely invest in the innovation and employees who are keen to ensure that the company develops products acceptable to the market get rewards. In its United States office, Google employees are allowed to work alone or sometimes work in groups. Google Inc. understands that encouraging employees to be innovative gives them freedom to front ideas that pushes the organization to the right direction. In developing a culture that supports development of social connection, it makes the workforce to appreciate the work environment.  Besides, employees feel they are an important part of the organization and are likely to commit to ensure that the organization succeeds in its efforts.

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An organization has rules that employees need to abide by, in the delivery of duty. It is established that employees are an image of the organization. Ideally, the employees should be ethical in their undertakings and be considerate of others. For instance, at Google, the company requires that employees respect each other. In fact, this is the reason James Damore, a Google computer engineer, was fired from the company after his diversity memo caused a firestorm in the Silicon Valley (Roberts, 2017). Damore had argued that women are not well suited for technological jobs because of they are biologically wired. The company believed that James Damore used a bad language in describing women in technological industry, as the CEO stated that Google would accept Damore’s position on diversity (Campbell, 2017).

Google Inc. does not condone their employees’ involvement in activities that goes against the professional code of conduct. For instance, the company does not accept bullying, sexual harassment, bias, and unlawful discrimination (Campbell, 2017). Employees have to ensure that their character matches the expectation of the corporation, noting how crucial it is to stick to the code of conduct. For example, Google understands the importance of creating a diverse workforce, where workers are fairly treated (Roberts, 2017).  Employees do what is considered contrary to professionalism code face discipline, which sometimes could be termination of the employment contract. As such, employees at Google have always strived to do what is right, as they focus on pushing the company into profitability and maintain the reputation of the organization. Google has nurtured a culture that embraces diversity and grants freedom to the workers to express their thoughts. This is supported under the assumption that employees create a space that is supportive and largely focus on making the organization better. Besides, it is worth noting that Google is business just like any other company. Therefore, the performance of the employees is equally important. Employees who do not meet the required standards or carry out the assigned role for long may be asked to leave the company. In some cases, some of the employees who fail to meet the targets may consider enrolling to Performance Improvement Plan. The program focuses on instilling skills necessary in bring improvement to the overall performance of the workers. The initiative is good because employees get additional time to make amendments to mistakes. It also brings workers to understanding the requirements of the organization. In fact, Google has seen a high number of workers who initially posted bad results change and start performing remarkably. In this sense, support of programs of this nature is essential for a corporation that encourages innovation and creativity, such as Google.


In conclusion, corporations are charged with the mandate of creating an attractive work environment. Google is one of the successful companies in the technology industry. The corporation has instituted structures aimed to promote success. Employees at Google appreciate the management’s effort in creating a desirable work environment. For this reason, most of the workers get attracted to the company because of the value the company shows to its employees. As any other company doing business, Google has a professional code of conduct, which employees are expected to adhere to in their day to day operations. For example, workers need to respect each other and focus on providing additional value to the company. Google is lauded for the opportunity it provides its employees to better their lives and be comfortable. However, workers who fail to adhere to the rules may be force to leave the organization (Burke & Noumair, 2015).

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