Usain Bolt as portrayed in social media

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Sport refers to every kind of competitive physical activity or game whereby through organized participation it focuses to maintain or enhance ability and skills which in many cases provide enjoyment to participants. It as well provides entertainment for the spectators. Actually, the game is normally between two sides, one trying to exceed the other. However other teams accept a tie game while others go for tie-breaking methods. This is to say in a game they believe that there must be a winner or a loser. An example in certain sports racing, in particular, there are hundreds of simultaneous participants competing each against each other but finally, there will be only one winner. Generally, sports can be defined as a system of activities which commonly are based on physical athleticism with a major reason emerging a winner. However, there are other activities which are considered nonphysical and are referred to as mind sports. Apparently, others are referred to as bona fide sports. They include chess and bridge. Social media on the other side is part of every individual’s life. Well, it is considered that everyone one associates with has a Facebook account or Twitter account. Social media are great tools for networking however when used in an inappropriate way it can affect one’s career life.

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Usain Bolt is a famously retired sprinter from Jamaica. He is a popular person who is known for holding both the 200m and 100m and finally 4 * 100m relay world record. He is the well-known champion who rein in these three events. Due to his dominance and popularity in the world, he is considered to be the greatest sprinter in the world. Moreover, Bolt gained popularity when he emerges a victor in the two consecutive Olympics at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in a world record. Again he is the only and first sprinter to win two titles that are the 300m and 100m at three consecutive Olympics. It is referred globally as the triple-double. Apparently, he is considered as the most successful athlete globally and the first athlete to win three titles in both 100m and 200m. He breaks a world record when he finished the 100m race by 9.58 seconds from 9.69 seconds. He has improved the perception of other countries towards Jamaica by winning the three consecutive Olympics both the 200m and 300m. However, his achievements have played a great role in the social media. Being known as a great sprinter it earned him a social media name known as Lightning Bolt. As I had said before, social media can affect an individual’s career both negative and positive or either of the two. Bolts award are as follows IAAF World Athlete of the Year, Track and Field Athlete of the Year and eventually Laureus World Sportsman of the year where he won four times. However early in his age Bolt never took his career with seriousness. He would hide behind a van when he is required to practice for a competition by his coach McNeil. He was once detained for his practical joke whereby the community reacted so badly by blaming his couch, McNeil. He is one of the celebrated athletes who won the world championship at their junior, youth and senior level of an athletic event. Back in 2002, a world junior championship was held where Bolt was given an opportunity to show the world his credentials. His first win in the 200m is where Bolt was crowned the youngest world junior gold medalist.

Seemingly social media is capable of everything. It can either build one’s image or destroy it. The picture of Usain Bolt attracts many people’s attention globally not only his fans. The picture has both positive impacts and negative impacts towards Usain depending on an individual’s perception. The most impressive fact about the picture is that the picture was captured when Usain Bolt is smiling looking sideways as he approaches the finishing line. The same act applies to when Usain Bolt looks behind at the London Olympics. This image shows how Usain enjoys the victory he has over his rivals. Some argue that Bolt speed is incomparable he ran so fast and even got time to stop and smile for the camera before crossing the finish line. Others argue that Bolt is out to destroy dreams. Just as I mentioned earlier every individual has their perception and the picture which went viral received a different kind of approaches. According to the photographer, he said that the picture has a lot to say. The big grin and perfect technique that Bolt displayed on that picture have a lot of meaning. Many portray that picture as the best sports picture if the year. The picture got everyone attention on social media where many have something to mention about Usain Bolt. Various memes were created and comics were developed by the same picture where everyone would wish to laugh at. Example this comic that caught several hearts ‘Usain Bolt could have won that race blindfolded…in his sleep… underwater… with a second delay after everyone…eating some fruits’. The picture itself builds Bolt reputation and various people could want to know this fast man who has time to pose for the camera before crossing the finishing line.

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However, Bolt has experienced criticism in social media when he was captured partying with various women in different clubs following his Rio success. His girlfriend showed displeasure and the fans as well. This tilted his image which caused a lot of drama in social media. He has been captured in different clubs partying in the name of celebrating with women in those clubs. Other pictures which went viral on social media is when Bolt was captured cavorting another woman in the club. This displeases his fans and one went to his social media account posting a displeased message which was further liked by Bolt’s girlfriend. ‘You traded your life with a goddess for a one night fling with someone who will never even come to close’. Various memes were created which implies the feeling of the people towards his behaviour. Bolt is called names many think that he is a womanizer who only uses women after his victory. His fans assumed that Bolt is taking advantage of his career over women. However, these criticisms did not block him from flying into London to continue partying at exclusives Soho nightclub Cirque Le Soir that is after missing the Olympics Closing Ceremony. However, his sister could not allow all this criticism from people. She went ahead and cackles all the criticism arguing that her brother is not cheating and people normally asked for a picture of him just like what other celebs do. However, even after the covering by the sister, other pictures of Bolt splashes the social media while celebrating his thirtieth birthday surrounded by women at London club. It sounds clear that Bolt is driven by his victory and he is using it to attract women.

Despite being praise over his victory by his fans Bolt also faces challenges. Just like having branded victory names he as well has been branded shameful names. Social media will always build you or destroy you. Actually, it has done both the positive and negative sides to Usain Bolt. Example a student Judy Duarte claims that she is dying of shame after posting of herself in bed with Usain Bolt in Rio. She argues that the pictures were never meant for fame but she just sent them to her fellow girlfriends. All these happen in Rio where they met at a club. The pictures went viral despite the claim claims made by this young lady. This captured Bolt fans attention and they could not imagine the role model has turned up to be that kind of a beast. She explained her night with Bolt where she argues that Bolt sent a strong security to her and was not pretty sure who her suitor was. Many people reacted towards the photo even after Duarte twitted her sorrowful message pleading for the fans to forgive her and logged off her account the fans could not easily forget. She as well pleaded with the Facebook followers to stop the drama. This however damaged his reputation and making people lose interest in him. This behaviour of women had developed in Bolt. Many pictures could be captured of him surrounded with ladies despite having a girlfriend she referred to as his first lady. The frustrations from people were boiling up and people’s perception towards Bolt changed.

However Usain Bolt still remains the greatest. This implies when Jamaica won the men’s 4 * 100m relay in Rio. Unfortunately this was the memorable achievement one could end his Olympic career. Social media took it so high appreciated him in a special way marking the end of his career. How special is it to end One’s career by winning. After so many scandals Bolt still managed to prove to his fans that he is the greatest. Actually it is for fact that Bolt had gold before but however the plain truth is that Bolt now contain nine gold medals to his name. Seemingly by making this man the greatest athlete in the book of history-social media has documented his victory in each of the last three Olympics games in every site. Social media never forget and the fans never sleep. That is exactly what is happening with Bolt’s victory. This Jamaican hero reigns and will always do. Apparently Bolt have fans globally and his win is celebrated by many all over the world. Some take it to social media while others celebrated it In their own special way. However social media has done a lot especially whenever Bolt is going for the race. Many other sprinters have tried to find ways on how to defeat this greatest sprinter in the world but have been defeated. His fans made fun of him especially through the social media sites example others argues that Usain Bolt starts 200m, stops off at a gas station, fixes the bathroom door and goes on to win a gold. This is indeed the love these people feel for this greatest athlete. Figuring out this imagery this fan was trying to put it in the other way how great is this person. This means Bolt would relax for other athletes to start the race but will later have the gold. Others even compared him to the late boxer Muhammad Ali floating around. Greatness, confident fastest are all the qualities Bolt happened to have. This man is indeed undefeatable and many have seen that. Apart from just being great Bolt has charmed the world. He is loved by many people. Bolt has never changed he maintains being himself. Whenever one’s visit any social media he or she will understands what I mean by being oneself. Critics argue that Bolt is a simple person who perceives everything the same way. Whether the number of people watching him is low or high he will never change from being him. Generally he loves everyone. In the sport where participants have been faced with controversy over the use of performance-enhancing drugs, Bolt has been the best person who has never been caught with these implications. He is a straightforward person.

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Eventually, in the year 2015 Bolt was faced with several uncertainties. He had injuries and was as well forced to withdraw from two races. When he was to go against an American sprinter by the name Justin Gatlin he had every reason to lose. The sprinter had been using the drugs in his career. However, Bolt win against others competitor is considered a great thing. Actually, it is indeed that this greatest athlete in the world loved people. He has never forgotten where he comes from. In his old school Bolt has ensured there are new computers and a bus and further rebuilt a health centre in Sherwood content. Since he is a social media face he insists that any commercial in which he appears must be done in his home country. He believes that it is great for the country too to appear where he is. Apparently social media and sports go hand in hand.  Sports need social media and social media has a well-needed sport. Everything, in this case, is simultaneous. This is where one needs the other and the other needs one.  People need stories to post on their social media sites. In this case, it depends on you as the person. Social media can affect us positively or negatively it depends. Since it is a social networking tool a celebrity needs to keep on toes with what is trending about them and as well watch their moves.

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