Comparing and Contrasting being in High school and being in College

For the individuals who have been lucky to pursue studies, student life has predominated most of their entire life. Indeed any individual’s student life is the most interesting and enjoyable time period. Not only does the person learn lot of things but also becomes aware of the various activities, which is relevant and plays a very significant role in the day to day life. Thus student’s life is characterized by two distinctive phases, one being the school life and other being college life. Though education and gaining of knowledge is the primary thing, which is common between a student attending a high school or college, still there are many differences which exists between them. This is because both the high school and college are two different types of worlds, with their own distinctive characteristics which make them unique. Teachers, classes and a whole range of other factors are the ones, which makes a deep impact in the minds of students, while being in high school or in college.  But it will be seen in most cases that, there will be quite different types of liking for the students, during their life in college and in high school. (
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