10 on 1 Method

  The 10 on 1 Method and an evolving thesis

The article titled: “Can Science explain everything? Anything?” by Steven Weinberg poses the question: Can Science explain anything at all or is it merely a statement of existing principles of the Universe?1 Alternatively, does it explain everything in the Universe through the provision of an explanation of the fundamental principles of the Universe? The article presents the dichotomy between description and explanation as applicable in the field of science.[Weinbegr, 2001]. When a scientist describes a physical principle, is he in effect also providing an explanation for the same principle? These are some of the questions the author addresses in his article as he attempts to arrive at an answer to the question he poses as to whether or not science can explain anything. The author commences his article with a working thesis, which is based upon the assertion of a colleague that science does not explain anything, it merely describes things2. He then begins to explore what in effect constitutes an explanation and how it is different from a description. Through this investigation, he aims to discover whether the process of scientific discovery and theory formulation may be construed as an explanation or as a mere description of events. Therefore the purpose of his article is to examine whether or not the proposition that science does not really explain anything, but merely describes,  is true.
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