Language Comprehension and Production

The importance of speech errors to research

The study of speech errors is vital in the research for speech production. This is because speech errors identify the synaptic connections in the brain and their effects on speech.  They help to draw distinctions amid the comprehension and construction errors.  Discoveries about speech errors of anticipation and perseveration are used to create phonological encoding models that are used to refine and comprehend speech processes (Meyer & Schiller, 2003).  The study also distinguishes the intentional and unintentional errors in speech.  Therefore, it is relevant to the development of performance models that describe language mechanisms.

Significant characteristic of speech errors and their influence on speech

Speech errors are complex and dynamic processes. They investigate the audible component of speech as influenced by mental mechanisms. They are explanatory with regard to their characteristic of language development. Moreover, they provide researchers with the necessary insights into the order of language development.
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