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Understanding an E-Commerce Research Paper

As the academic year begins, students start choosing new classes to attend. Business, e-commerce, and management are among the trendiest choices of the last 5 years. Surely, no class goes without writing assignments. If we speak about e-commerce, one can’t avoid writing research papers on this subject. If you are among students who study e-commerce, you’re probably acquainted with such terms as technology, management, and customer. If no, use your WiFi to do something other than watching Netflix and learn the definitions of the terms mentioned above because you’ll need to know them to write your research paper.

E-Commerce Research Paper and How to Deal with It

An A-winning composition is the one that is:

  • Topic-relevant

Your text should either answer the central question of the composition or explain a specific concept. To do so, read the topic of your paper each time you add something to your text. Ask yourself ‘Is this info important and relevant to the topic of my paper?’

  • Logically organized

Any composition, whether it is a lengthy manuscript or a 2-page text, should be easy-to-read. Divide your content into paragraphs. Do not write extremely long sentences more frequently than 2 times a page.

  • Original

Do not copy someone else’s ideas without adequately including them in the body of your text. This is the golden rule of successful text writing. Paraphrase, include quotations and indicate the sources of this or that phrase. Do not duplicate massive parts from the works of other scholars. Research, analyze and put your ideas into words.

  • Formatted in a right citation format

Accusations of plagiarism is a common problem among college and university students. If you want to get a high grade for your composition, understand what citation format you need to use for your piece. Generally, e-commerce papers are formatted in APA. However, some institutions require students to format their essays on this subject in Harvard or Chicago styles. If you have doubts as to the most appropriate format to utilize, just ask your professor.

  • Error-free

Proofreading is essential if you want to impress your teachers. Look for mistakes in your text as if it’s you who’s reviewing it. Be meticulous and precise. Remember that an interesting topic of the paper is halfway to its success. Therefore, be careful when selecting a theme for your research paper. If you have no clue as to the topic of your composition, check out the list of topics prepared by our writers:

  1. An E-Business Strategy for a B2B Business
  2. Understanding Internet Branding Strategies
  3. Pros and Cons of E-Commerce Strategies
  4. The Efficacy of Social Media for Sales
  5. Security Limitations in the Online Environment
  6. Trust-Building Mechanisms: Effective or Not
  7. Usability Analysis of an E-Commerce Website
  8. Main Issues with Mobile Network Technologies and How to Deal with Them
  9. E-Commerce and Porn
  10. The American Copyright Act Versus E-Commerce

E-Commerce White Paper Writing in the 21st Century

To create an impressive white paper, you should know in which ways it is different from a research paper. Nowadays there are three main discrepancies between these two types of writing:

  • Difference #1: An Anonymous Author vs. Identified Author

A white paper is written by a person who is interested in getting a financial reward for reflecting on the company that is their sponsor. Thus, this kind of paper can be written by a freelance writer or in-house staff. Contrastingly, a research paper should be completed by a defined author as the work will be published in a scientific journal, where authorship is vital. The role of the research paper writer is to investigate the problem, analyze the data and be responsible for the narrative. The function of the white paper writer is to choose the tone and facts beneficial to the company the paper is about.

  • Difference #2: The Goal of the Paper

In white papers, it is important to encourage the reader to make a particular decision. A writer should use facts, logic, explanations to convince the target audience of performing specific actions. On the other hand, in research papers, it’s essential to make your contribution to the scientific conversation, create a bigger picture of the issue, encourage further research into the subject.

  • Difference #3: The Results Section

As the aim of every paper is different, its result will differ, too. Obviously, the result of the white paper is sales. The effect of the research paper is to make a difference in the world of science, adding some value to the existing problem. So you have your hands on the white paper on e-commerce and want to start writing it? To write an e-commerce white paper, you’ll need to:

  • Work with the topic of your project

Make sure you understand the theme of your composition. Research if necessary (yes, Google knows everything). Do not mix things up. Uncover new sides of the theme of your paper, step by step. It’s vital to be knowledgeable about all aspects of your subject. Therefore, it may be somewhat time-consuming but definitely worth it.

  • Create a well-organized, valuable draft

Your text should consist of at least three sections: Introduction where you indicate the problem or theme of your paper, the central part where you describe all significant points of the theme, and the conclusion where you sum up what you’ve found out. Ensure your draft contains all the key aspects of the topic and answers the central question of the project.

  • Write, edit, proofread

Fill out your draft with details — examples, facts, explanations and more. Then, make sure there are no grammar, style, logic or other errors in the text. If you have lousy time evaluating your project, leave your paper and then get back to proofreading or let your friend/family member estimate what you’ve got. An outside perspective will not harm. Does it sound burdensome to you? If yes, read the next passage. Hint: There is a way out.

How Will GradeMiners Handle Your E-Commerce Essay?

We, at GradeMiners, save students’ time and nerves by writing impeccable papers:

  • Professionally

Our team consists of 1K+ experienced writers across 40+ fields, so there is always an available writer to work on your paper on any subject.

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  • Sticking to your instructions

Once your order is assigned to one of our experts, they go through details to write a customized text for every client.

  • Without errors or plagiarism

Our Quality Assurance Department checks all papers for plagiarism and syntactical, grammatical, stylistic mistakes before making the project visible to the client. What should you do to get your paper done?

  • Submit an order form

Let us know what type of paper you need to get done. Feel free to upload instructions, give recommendations for our writers to create the project you need.

  • Pay for our assistance

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  • Monitor our progress

We assign a competent writer to your e-commerce paper, and they start working on it. Enter your account with us to track their progress.

  • Download your essay

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